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    Treat Your Feet To The Goodness Of Chocolate Pedicure Today!

    It is always a good thing to treat your tired feet to a relaxing warm soak or a gentle massage at home, but it gets more exciting when you try something new - like for example chocolate pedicure. You must have eaten a lot of chocolate all this while, but did you ever think that there would be something called chocolate pedicure where you literally soak your feet in it and relax? Well, there does exist this type of pedicure and you would be amazed to learn about the wonderful benefits it offers.

    Thinking more about it, we wonder, what exactly is chocolate pedicure, how is it done, and most important of all - what are its benefits?

    How To Do Chocolate Pedicure At Home?

    What Is Chocolate Pedicure?

    As the name suggests, chocolate pedicure mainly involves using chocolate - melted one to be specific. This type of foot spa treatment typically involves a foot bath with warm melted chocolate, a chocolate scrub, and a chocolate foot mask.

    Chocolate pedicure is known to stimulate blood circulation and gives you smooth and soft feet. Moreover, chocolate contains antioxidants that make it a premium choice in spa treatment. It is a natural skin moisturiser and has a number of benefits to offer.

    Benefits Of Chocolate Pedicure

    Among the various benefits chocolate provides you with, some of the most prominent ones are listed below:

    • Boosts blood circulation 
    • Hydrates your skin
    • Moisturises and repairs your skin
    • Imparts a glow to your feet
    • Removes dead skin cells
    • Treats suntan
    • Detoxifies your skin

    How To Do Chocolate Pedicure At Home

    Although chocolate pedicure is done at spa and salons, you can easily do it at home without much fuss. You just need the right ingredients and plenty of time to sit back and give your tired feet the much-needed relaxation.

    Listed below are steps to do a chocolate pedicure at home:

    Things you will require

    • 4 ½ cups melted chocolate
    • 2 cups milk
    • 2 tbsp honey
    • Tub filled with warm water
    • Foot scrub
    • Nail Filer
    • Nail scrubber
    • Nail cutter
    • Nail paint
    • Nail paint remover
    • Moisturiser
    • Towel

    Steps to do chocolate pedicure:

    1. Start by prepping your feet and nails first. You can begin your pedicure by removing the existing nail paint, cutting your nails and giving them a desired shape. Once done, you can move on to the next step - a warm soak.
    2. For this step, you need to take a bucket filled with warm water. The water should be warm enough for your to soak your feet in it. Add some epsom salt in the water and soak your feet in it for good 10-15 minutes. 
    3. Next, take a wide bowl, add melted chocolate in it and mix it with some milk until it forms a thick, creamy paste. Soak your feet in the mixture and let it relax. Let your feet soak in the goodness of chocolate for at least 20 minutes before you proceed to wash your feet and pat it dry with a towel. 
    4. Once you have given your feet a nice and warm chocolate soak, proceed to the scrubbing part. Here, you need to make a quick homemade chocolate-sugar scrub that will soften your feet and remove dead skin cells. To make a homemade scrub, you need to mix 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of honey with 4 tablespoons of melted chocolate in a small bowl. Now, take a generous amount of the mixture on your hands and scrub your feet with it for at least 5-10 minutes. Once done, wipe your feet with a wet tissue or wash it with cold water and pat it dry with a clean towel.
    5. Lastly, you need to apply a soothing moisturiser to your feet and massage for about 2 minutes until the moisturiser seeps into your skin. Then, pick a nail paint of your choice and give your nails a colourful twist. If you are good at doing nail art, you can feel free to give your nails a stylish makeover and you are done.

    Pamper your feet with this refreshing wine pedicure today and let your feet live, breathe, and relax!

    Story first published: Monday, October 15, 2018, 18:45 [IST]
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