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Try This Amazing Aloe Vera Scrub For Soft Hands Today!

We never compromise when it comes to our face. So, why take any chances when it comes to our body? Just like we care for our face, use different beauty products like face wash, face creams, moisturisers, and scrubs, why not use similar products for our hands and feet? Don't they deserve equal attention? Well, they do! Therefore, it is very important for us to take good care of our hands and feet.

Speaking of body care, have you ever tried using homemade hand scrubs for soft hands? Well, if you haven't, it is time you start using homemade hand scrubs for your hands and get rid of all the roughness and say hello to soft hands. It is very easy to make homemade hand scrubs as they require minimal ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. And, there is one such ingredient that offers a number of skin and body care benefits and is a premium pick of many women - aloe vera.

Listed below are some really amazing benefits aloe vera offers for your skin and the reasons why it deserves to be included in your homemade hand scrub.

Why Is Aloe Vera Beneficial For Your Skin?

Aloe vera nourishes and moisturises your skin, giving you soft hands. It soothes your skin, especially your hands. It possesses healing properties which help to treat burns, soothe skin irritation, and make the roughness from your hands disappear.

Aloe Vera Manicure DIY: एलोवेरा से ऐसे करें मेनिक्योर | Boldsky

Besides, aloe vera is a premium pick for those who often have to deal with oily hands. It also heals external wounds and insect bites too. Aloe vera gel can be easily extracted from aloe vera plant and directly applied or massaged on to your hands. Moreover, you can even make a homemade aloe vera-based hand scrub to get soft hands.

If you want to make an aloe vera hand scrub at home, here's a quick and easy recipe for your reference.

How To Make Aloe Vera Hand Scrub At Home?


• 2 tbsp aloe vera gel

• 1 tbsp honey

• 2 tbsp brown sugar

• 1 tsp olive oil

• 2 tbsp oatmeal

How to do

• In a small bowl, take freshly extracted aloe vera gel.

• Add honey to it and mix well.

• Next, add olive oil to the honey and aloe vera mixture and blend all the ingredients together.

• Now, take some oatmeal and grind it to turn it into a coarse powder. Once done, you just have to mix all the ingredients together.

• Lastly, add brown sugar and mix everything well.

• The homemade aloe vera-enriched hand scrub is ready for use.

How to apply

• Take generous amount of this aloe vera scrub and massage your hands with it using your fingertips.

• Scrub nicely for up to 5 minutes.

• Once done, let it stay on your hands for a few minutes before you wash it off with lukewarm water.

• Scrub your hands with this hand scrub every day to get beautiful and soft hands.

Well, wasn't that really quick, cool, and amazing recipe? Do try this amazing hand scrub recipe at home and never deal with rough hands ever again! After all, every woman is beautiful and deserves beautiful and soft hands.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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