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    Got Your Nose Pierced? Here Are Some Tips To Take Care Of It

    Nose pins are not just piercings done on our nose anymore. They are a part of a trend and these define one's own personality. Be it those minimal cute ones or those chunky types, nose pins have always fascinated us.

    It has left us awestruck many a times when we see someone with attractive nose pins. Most of us love the idea of getting a piercing but often, we refrain because we aren't sure how to take care of those nose piercings.

    Nose Piercing After Care

    It might sound complicated, but folks, all it requires is "care". Just relax and here is a complete guide on the after-care of nose piercings. Let us have a look at some important tips to keep in mind whenever you get a nose piercing done for yourself.

    Clean With Salt Water

    This should be done on the same day of getting the nose piercing done. You can clean your nose pin with simple salt solution that you can make at home. Just add ½ a spoon of salt to a cup of warm water. Dip a cotton pad into this solution and apply it on the area where you have got the piercing done.

    You can also purchase saline solution from the piercing studio and can use it for healing.

    Keep Your Hands Clean

    Though touching your piercing is not recommended, you'll have to do so when you're cleaning it. So, make sure that your hands are clean before touching it, since there are chances of infections spreading around the area that you've pierced. Always wash your hands with soap to avoid any infection.

    Do Not Use Harsh Products

    This is for those who prefer using peroxide or alcohol to clean the piercing. Avoid using any harsh products to clean your fresh piercing. This would cause even more damage to the skin, especially if it is sensitive. As mentioned above, use natural remedies to clean it, like salt solution.

    Avoid Playing With The Jewellery

    We have a habit of constantly touching the new piercing and checking out on the jewellery. However, this may lead to infections due to the bacterial buildup, since your hands won't be clean all the time. Also, frequently touching on the fresh piercing would lead to an irritation and can cause more pain.

    Remove Your Jewellery Only After The Healing Period

    It is recommended not to remove your jewellery until your piercing is healed completely. This is because there are high chances of your piercing getting closed very fast if you remove it. If the jewellery is too tight or if it has some other issues, you can always take it to the piercing studio and fix it as soon as possible.

    Hot Oil And Turmeric

    Turmeric is known for its antiseptic and healing properties. If you want to dry the piercing quickly, you can try using this remedy. Heat some oil. Add a pinch of turmeric into it. Apply this with a help of a cotton swab. Wash it off using lukewarm water after 5-10 minutes. Use this once every day to see faster and better results.

    Avoid Makeup On The Piercing

    Do not apply makeup on the fresh piercing. This will lead to infections because of the clogging up of the piercing. Keep away any kind of cosmetics from the newly pierced area.

    Avoid Swimming

    If you are a person who would love to go for a swim frequently, or bathing in a hot tub of water, you will have to refrain from it until your piercing heals. This is because water in these may contain bacteria, which can cause an infection. If it is necessary, then you can cover your piercing with a band before getting into the water.

    Do Not Sleep On Dirty Pillows

    Dirty pillows may be the source for bacteria. So, it is necessary to change your pillow before it is too late in order to avoid infections.

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    Story first published: Thursday, May 17, 2018, 16:40 [IST]
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