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DIY Olive Oil Remedy For Brittle Nails

By Amrutha

Your nails can define your personality and keeping it neat and clean is important just like we take care of any other part of our body. Most of us have weak or brittle nails that tend to break off easily.

There are various factors that cause brittle nails. Since your hand is more exposed to the sun and we do a lot of activities at home also with our hands, your nails might become weaker. Also, harsh exposure to chemicals and not maintaining hygiene can be other reasons.

Olive Oil Remedy For Brittle Nails

Regular manicure can be a solution to this. But who has the time to do all that these days? So what is the alternative remedy for this? Home remedies, of course! Here is an easy homemade remedy using olive oil to make your nails healthy and stronger as before.

Ingredients Required:

Few drops of olive oil
1-2 garlic cloves
2-3 tsp fresh orange juice

How To Prepare?

1. First, crush the garlic cloves to form a paste.
2. Next, take some fresh oranges and squeeze out the pulp from it.
3. Add the fresh orange juice into the garlic paste prepared earlier and mix them well.

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How To Apply

1. First, soak your nails in the garlic and orange juice paste and wait for 15 minutes.
2. Next, add some olive oil in a bowl and let your nails soak in it for 15 minutes again.
3. Repeat this treatment at least twice or thrice a week for faster and better results.
4. Alternatively, you can also massage your nails with olive oil every day before going to bed.

Benefits Of Olive Oil

The hydrating and moisturising properties in olive oil help in strengthening weak nails. It also helps in making the nails stronger by deeply nourishing them.

Benefits Of Orange Juice

We all know orange contains vitamin C that is acidic in nature. This acid helps in removing the discolouration of your nails, making it whiter.

Benefits Of Garlic

The benefits of garlic are well known to all of us. But what role does it play in strengthening weak nails? It contains properties that help to treat fragile and brittle nails easily. The anti-bacterial properties that garlic contains also prevent any kind of nail infections.

Some Other Tips

Avoid Chemical Products

Exposing your hands to too much toxins and chemicals can make your nails weak. So when you use detergents and soap products make sure that you wear gloves in order to protect your nails.

Reduce The Use Of Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish removers contain toxins that make the nails brittle and cause discolouration. So, in order to stop it you have to limit yourself from using nail polish removers to once in a weak.

Include Proteins In Your Diet

Your nails need nutrition for them to be healthy and strong. Therefore, you should consume food that has more proteins and nutrients like chicken, milk, fish, and green vegetables. Also, try including vitamins A, B and C in your diet.

Keep It Short

I know that all of us would wish to keep long and sleek nails. But nails that are long tend to break faster when compared to others, so in order to avoid further breakage it is better to trim your nails and keep it shorter.

Get A Manicure

If possible, get a manicure once in a week at least to keep the nails healthy and clean. For those who wish to go for home remedies, the above DIY olive oil treatment can be used.

Try these remedies and tips and let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

Story first published: Friday, July 13, 2018, 11:57 [IST]