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    The Importance of Using A Shaving Cream

    By Amrutha

    Despite many hair removal techniques, shaving is considered one of the most common and easy way of removing unwanted hair. Due to the less time it consumes, this is a technique mostly preferred by women if they are in a hurry to attend a party or any other function. It reduces the effort involved to wear those pretty short skirts or your favourite dresses. But the question is, are you doing it the right way?

    How many of us use shaving creams in our hair removal regime? Are shaving creams important and if yes how?

    shaving cream

    Today in this article we'll discuss why it is necessary to use shaving creams for shaving and also some for you to follow while shaving. Read on!

    Acts As A Protection

    Shaving gels or creams more than enabling a smooth shave protects your skin in many ways. It acts as a layer of protection between our skin and the razor blade. This indeed protects our skin from any cuts and burns along with giving a smooth finishing.

    Provides Hydration

    Before shaving it is important to hydrate both the skin and the hair so that the shaving goes smooth and easy. Only using soap and water won't work here. Since soap helps in removing the excess dirt and oil from the skin, it tends to make the skin dry and rough. Also, water alone cannot do this job alone since the hydration stays for only some time. Whereas shaving creams can do the job of both hydrating the skin and the hair and giving a smooth finish as well.

    Shows The Right Track

    Often shaving with soap and water can be irritating because it won't be really clear to track the areas where you've already shaved. On the other hand, if you use a shaving cream/gel it will be possible for you to know where you've already shaved. Shaving repeatedly on the same area can cause irritation and can damage your skin.

    Raises The Hair

    Yes. You read that right. Application of shaving creams helps in raising the hair since you are applying the cream in the opposite direction. This helps in easy shaving of the hair and enables a clean shave as compared to hair that is pressed against the skin.

    Some Shaving Tips

    1. Choose the shaving cream of your skin type. Not all shaving creams work on all skin. Choose a shaving cream that is perfect for your skin type whether it is sensitive, dry or even normal skin. A wide range of shaving creams are available in the market for you to choose from.

    2. Always shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

    3. It is important to use a moisturiser or lotion right after shaving in order to prevent any kind of skin irritation. You can also apply some fresh aloe vera gel to moisturise your skin.

    4. Avoid using deodorants or body sprays right after shaving as this might also cause irritation on the skin.

    5. Do not use the same razor blade again and again. This is because the blades tend to get infected if left exposed. If you use the same blades, it will cause damage to the skin. So it is recommended to keep changing your blade frequently.

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