5 Reasons Why You Would Need And Love Bikini Waxing

By Shabana

Waxing is presently the best form of hair removal. And more so for the bikini area. Bikini waxing is the new trend where all the women are shunning their razors and opting for wax instead.

Women in older times used to just trim their excess hair. So much easier, right? But because of the advent of the 'Bikini Body' it is imperative to look like a new born baby, especially down there.

Let me first brief you about what exactly is bikini waxing. Removal of hair by waxing in your bikini area is called 'bikini waxing'. The excess hair was previously removed using scissors or a shaver.

Why You Should Go For Bikini Waxing

But more and more women are opting for a wax instead for a variety of reasons. Waxing will ensure removal of hair from the root. This means that there is no stubble. Say hello to smooth skin.

Also, the hair takes longer to grow back. So you don't have to worry about shaving it any time soon. If you are planning for a beach holiday, opt for a bikini wax. The procedure may be painful, but the results are totally worth it.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why women love the 'bikini wax':

1) No Stubble

Waxing will remove the hair from its roots. This will provide perfectly smooth skin without the stubble, making your body ready for that bikini you are longing to wear.

2) Low Maintenance

Waxed hair will take longer to grow. So, your bikini waxing sessions can be timed monthly as opposed to shaving often.

3) Skin Health
Not only does waxing ensure removal of hair, it helps exfoliate the area and get rid of dead skin cells.

4) Minimum After Effects

The waxing procedure itself may be painful but it is much better than other forms of hair removal such as shaving or using an epilator. These tug on the skin's surface and irritate the skin. Waxing done by a professional will eliminate all these problems. 

5) Better Results

Apart from the fact that waxed hair takes longer to grow back, the hair also becomes thinner and finer. This is why women love waxing.

If you are planning to opt for your first even bikini waxing session, keep the following things in mind:

1) Stop Shaving 2-3 Days Before
Waxing involves pulling hair right from the roots. In order for it to work effectively, your hair should be of minimal length so that the wax can grab the hair. Stop shaving at least 2-3 days before your bikini waxing appointment.

2) Opt For A Professional
Make sure that your attender is a professional as this is no job for an amateur. The area is extremely sensitive and an extra level of caution is required when handling hot wax.

3) The Initial Awkwardness
Your first bikini waxing session may be a little awkward but it is totally worth the effort. Also, if you are apprehensive about the pain, request for a topical application of a local anaesthesia. It will relieve you of the pain to some extent.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 31, 2017, 8:01 [IST]
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