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What Is The Right Age For Girls To Opt For Salon Services?

By Kripa Chowdhury

All girls face that one stage in life when their classmate does the first waxing and that sets the alarm for other girls around saying, it is an age for you to go to the salon.

However, the concern that school girls miss out at their tender age and desperation to visit the salon is, the earlier you introduce your body to the salon services - the greater you have to continue it later on in life.

Going to a salon and its related treatments do no harm and is a very required thing to keep pace with the world of fashion.

However, there is a right age to avail every salon treatment. Don't start waxing or hair colouring just because your friends are doing it.

Here is the right age for the most common salon treatments that every young girl needs to be aware of. Doing these salon treatments at the right age will ensure healthy body as well as good looks.


Threading (Facial Hair)

Right after stepping on to teenage, the facial hair starts coming up on the upper lip, forehead or even the cheeks. You don't need to immediately head to a salon for that. Always remember, the more you thread off your facial hair - the thicker it will become. Also, there will soon come a point in time, when without salon threading your face will look pathetic. So, the ideal take is, start going to a salon for threading at the mid-teen age stage but ensure your visits are not frequent. Take enough time between two threading sessions such that your facial hair gets the scope to grow completely and then remove it.


Massage And Spa

Young girls should not even think about opting for salon services like massage and spa. Massage and spa are aimed for elderly women who are working professionals or have crossed the age of 25. For elderly women, the work pressure and commitments are more. There comes the role of the spa at salon that makes them feel rejuvenated. Also, do not make massage and spa an addiction. The aim should always be to remain fit through exercise or yoga.


Hair Styling

Going to the salon for hair styling makes sense if you have any special occasion to attend. In case you are doing your makeup from a salon, then why spare the hair styling part? You can do hair styling from salon when you think you really cannot manage it at home. However, do tell your stylist to not use a hair spray by the end of the service, as it damages hair quality very badly.



The short skirts or tunics in high school makes waxing mandatory. However, the later you start doing waxing - the better it is. Waxing is painful for first-timers and they should start from the legs, and then move to the hands and then the rest of the body. Exactly like threading, do not make waxing so regular that without it, you cannot even think of stepping out of the house. Also, do begin with waxing and avoid shaving, as the latter has real bad effects on the skin.


Haircut And Wash

Well, haircut is done since childhood, yet it becomes special for young ladies when they sit on the salon seat and hair stylers give them so many quirky options to go for. For this, it is suggested that as long as possible try taking your mother, sister or anyone elderly who can help you get the right kind of haircut, depending on the shape of your face. If you do a haircut that does not suit your face or is an overdo at your age - then it might make you look over-smart. So, the recommendation is hair wash and haircuts can start in the salon at any point of time with right guidance of parents.


Hair Treatments

Salons now cater to so many kinds of hair treatments like spa, smoothening and so on. This is also for the elderly women and not teenagers or college goers. The hair treatments in salon contain many cosmetics that spoil the hair quality. Young girls should try doing their hair products and treatments at home only. Those who still go for hair treatments in the salon should take care that they go for healthy services that add to their hair quality and texture.



Bleaching in any part of the body involves hydroquinone chemical side effects or allergic reactions. So, how later one starts this salon treatment - the better it is. If you think your skin is really dull, how about trying natural bleaches like cucumber or honey and directly apply them for a glowing skin? Though bleach brings an instant change in the skin quality, it has too many disadvantages.


Pedicure And Manicure

Till you are a baby, your parents will surely take care of your hands and feet along with the rest of the body. Once you grow up, it might feel that your hands and feet are not much-taken care of. When you feel that your hands and feet look dirty or unruly, then you can start with pedicure and manicure from the salon. Starting this at a tender age has no problem. Also, try continuing pedicure and manicure at regular intervals in daily life for a healthy outcome.



Going to the salon to do a makeup usually starts with the cousins' or family wedding, where you plan so much for your makeup from the salon. It makes sense to go to the salon for professional makeup in case you have any big celebration queued up. However, initially try managing the makeup at home because professionals change your normal looks and make you look older. Also, salons use too much of chemical cosmetics during makeup, which affects the skin. So for all Indian girls, the right age for a salon treatment like makeup is occasional, when you really need it.


Hair Colouring

If you have started to see those one or two strands of white hair, then it makes complete sense for you to visit the salon and do a hair colour. School girls should not even think about hair colouring because it is not accepted in most institutes. At college, you can seek permission from parents and then go for hair colouring. However, you should ensure that you pick a decent and good-quality hair colour that does not hamper your hair texture.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 15, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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