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Innovative Foot Care Products That You Can Grab This Instant

In the process of taking care of the entire body, feet are often not paid enough of attention. Soap and water only wash the feet during bath and they would not do anything more than that.

Along with the usual daily skin and body care products, the feet also need special care for which you must buy foot care cosmetics. By foot care cosmetics, we don't imply the usual foot cream or a nail cutter.

With experimentation, posh brands are now offering one-of-a-kind foot care products that are unique and very unusual. To buy these, you need to hit the right makeup store or browse online.

These are too new to be found in local hypermarkets. Get these unique foot care products and add them to your foot care routine. The results are sure to amuse you and your pair of feet of course.

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Foot Mousse

Exactly how you use a face mousse, there is a special mousse available for the feet. Foot mousse is applied when you wear slightly open footwear and your feet are visible. The mousse adds a coat of thin colour on the feet and moisturizes it at the same time. Very little amount of foot mousse can make a big difference on your feet.


Electronic Foot Exfoliator

Rough skin, dead skin, callus, and corns keep happening around the feet. Pumice stone or your regular foot scrubber alone might not work on them. If you are tired of this foot problem, then it is time to get an electronic foot exfoliator. This one removes the dead and dull skin, especially beneath the feet and rejuvenates your feet.


Gel Heel Socks

Made of silicon material, these pair of socks are worn only along the heel to avoid cracked skin problem. The best part is, gel heel socks are washable and can be stored for future use. You can wear this to work or use them during sleep hours. These add protection to your feet, especially when you make them work by walking or exercising extra.


Portable Foot Massager

Why rely on the others when you can have your own portable foot massager. Either battery-run or electronically-driven, you need to place your feet on these and switch it on. It relaxes your feet and also relaxes your body. You can use it every time after a home pedicure or after a tiring day at work. A calf massager along with this equipment is also available at a few stores.


Cracked Heel Balm

If you are tired and done with the usual cracked heel cream, then it is time for you to shift to heel balms. Heel balms are thick and thus stay on longer on the cracked area of the feet. Also, heel balms must be massaged on the feet, which is a relaxing process. Foot heel balms come in different fragrances as well.


Rough Skin Remover

Do not get confused between the exfoliator and a rough skin remover. This is a cream that you gently coat all over your feet during a home pedicure session, right before using the electronic exfoliator. Let the rough skin remover stay on your feet for five minutes and then you exfoliate it for best results. If you plan to use the rough skin remover, then there is no need to use a soap before this step.

Story first published: Friday, August 4, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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