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10 Seductive Scents To Turn On Your Man

By Kripa Chowdhury

There is a lot that a woman does to impress her man - clothes, makeup, hairdos and so on. In this list of things to-do, to make the man turn on, women count on some special scents as a top priority. These scents for women help the women folk to catch the right amount of attention.

Of course, when your man is close and intimate, your body smell is one of the key role players to turn him on. Body smell is not an element that a man will count only when close. Even from a distance, you have to smell good if you intend to run his male hormones high. A good body odour reflects your freshness, cleanliness and, of course, your taste for perfumes. With the help of good perfumes for women, you can make sure to hit the man right on target.

Sometimes, deciding on the right scents for women can be confusing. So, how do you decide on the right and good perfumes for women that come with the guarantee card of being seductive for your man?

Well, here is the list of ten such best perfumes for women that are easily available, which you can opt for. A few drops of these scents or fragrances around your neck and palm is enough to bring the man to action. Take a look.



To smell fresh, going for a clear aquatic perfume makes sense. The aquatic perfumes are mild and in case of unavailability, you can just go for the vanilla fragrant ones. When buying this one, check if the aquatic perfume jar has portions of floral petals or dewy greens, then that's a bingo combination which you should not miss out on buying.


Strong Florals

Ladies going for floral perfumes simply stick to their feminity. Whether it is mandarin, jasmine or a bouquet-like perfume, this sweetness of it sorts your purpose. Some floral perfumes also come with grassy notes. In the floral perfume section, the sensual ones are blue hyacinth, patchouli, spicy floral accord, peach flower, orchid and more.


Fancy Fruity Perfume

Going for fruit flavours in perfumes works, especially during extreme summers and winters; like an overpowering orange smell on a sultry summer afternoon. In the fruity perfume section, you will get strwaberry, mango, bergamot, red berries, peach, bellini, black berry, raspberry, pink grapefruit, and so many colourful perfumes. Over colour, when buying the perfume keep your nose active, so that you pick the right one that can arouse your man.



If you don't want to over-expose your sensuality with your smell, then going for a candy-sweet perfume makes sense. Candy-sweet perfumes make you child like with a caramel base, which is very light. In case you'd want to, you can over-apply the candy-sweet perfume in order to make it easily detectable for your man.


Kitchen Desserts

If dessert is what your man likes, then you can safely go for some dessert-scented perfumes. The flavours in the bracket include chocolate, pumpkin, tomatoes, cotton candy, Lychee martini and more. The range of kitchen dessert perfumes is usually available in high-range brands.


Wood And Earth Like

So many men by now have gond head over heels for wood-like perfumes. Women with wood-like aroma display a strong persona, which definitely will melt the man in front of you. When going for a wood-like perfume, try applying less, as a pinch can turn out to be very strong.



If you want to spray an amazing perfume at the last moment, then lavender is the one to pick on. The best part about adding a lavender pefume to your dressing table is, you can inaugarate it for your man and later wear it to work or when you're out with your friends as well. It's delicate, which makes men tipsy by the end of the date.



If you have fallen for a foody, then how about serving him with some culinary smells even during the action on bed? The smells like pepper, cloves and cinnamon, which are warm, add a depth to your experiments with him.


Smoky Lather

To express a country-girl-like persona, smoky lather makes complete sense. This kind of perfume is little roudy and for men who want their ladies to be full of charisma, this is the right scent for the woman, as it counts among the strong aroma perfumes, and one or two drops of it is enough for the charm to set in.



One of the rare kinds of perfumes for the unique women is sandalwood scented ones. In case you are in a pocket crunch for a perfume right now, even a sandalwood soap can solve the matter.

So, ladies, head to your nearest stores right now and grab your scent right away!

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