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Simple Beauty Secrets Or Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

It is true that the beauty secrets of a 20-year-old girl and that of a 40-year-old women differ. But there are some universally applicable simple beauty secrets that can be followed by any woman. In fact, once you try these beauty secrets, there is no way you can unfollow them.

simple beauty secrets for every girl

Do not go by our words. Try yourself and you'd notice just how easy it is to solve these beauty issues.

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These beauty secrets or hacks only work if executed at the right time and with the right amount of ingredients. First-timers, do experiment with these beauty secrets only on a small area of the skin or hair and on getting benefitted, you could continue with its use.

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So, here are the simple beauty secrets for every girl, which the beauty experts swear by.

Roll-On Antiperspirant/Coconut Oil: Remedy For Inner Thigh Rash

Both men and women may suffer from an inner thigh rash, especially because of wearing tight clothes or pants. Dabbing on some antiperspirant or some coconut oil truly works in this case. This ensures that the inner thigh is protected all day long and minimizes the scope of a rash. Both coconut oil and a roll-on deodorant can be applied directly on the inner thigh rash as well.

Toothpaste: Remedy For Pimple Redness

Well, pimple takes a really long time to leave your skin. Yet if you want it to blend in your skin or conceal it naturally, you can apply some toothpaste on it. Application of toothpaste on a pimple reduces it redness and grossness. Just apply (do not massage) the toothpaste, let it dry and then wash with cold water. White toothpaste is recommended for pimples.

Saline Solution: Remedy For Extra-long Use Of Mascara

Right before leaving for a party or office when you discover you're out of mascara, do not panic. Take any saline solution or mild drop in the house, pour it in your mascara tube and bingo, you can apply it now. Though this does not extend the longevity of your mascara for long, it helps you at the moment of crisis.

Skin Essence: Must After An Ampoule

In case of a skin crisis, many use ampoules. Despite using ampoules, women complain that they are not getting benefitted from the same. Every time you use an ampoule on your skin, do follow it with a skin essence. Skin essence makes the ampoule work on your skin. Please be extra-cautious on applying the ampoule or skin essence on sensitive skin, as it badly reacts at times.

Cocoa Butter – Remedy For Skin Rash Allergy

When skin rash allergy happens, often women spend time to think what is the cause behind it. Here comes an all-time home remedy that suits all skin types. Apply raw cocoa butter directly on the skin rash allergy. Please note, you should not use cocoa butter cream as it has extra chemicals. Application of raw cocoa butter in a melted form works best on treating a skin rash allergy.

Hair Spray – Remedy For Eyelash

Yes, before you boggle your eyes out of shock, it is true that a hair spray can be safely applied on to the eyebrows. The method is simple. You have to apply a hair spray before any other kind of an eye makeup. Take the hair spray and squish it once on a clean old toothbrush. Now, immediately use the toothbrush on your eyelash to comb it from bottom (eyelid) to outwards.

Tea Liquor – Remedy For Foot Odour

Prepare raw liquor tea (strong) without adding sugar or any third ingredient. Take it in a bucket and wait till it is lukewarm. Dip your feet in this and let it rest for 15 minutes. By the end, your foot odour wouldn't be a problem. You can also add some lime juice and honey to the raw tea to make it into a DIY pedicure at home.

Nail Polish: Remedy For Chapped Nail Polish (When You Don't Have A Remover)

Now, if you all of a sudden discover that you are out of a nail polish remover but want to clear your chapped nails, then this is the best hack. Well, apply a single coat of any nail paint on your chapped nail paint and immediately wipe it off with a cotton pad. Your old layer of chapped nail paint will be removed along as well.

Shower: Remedy Before Shaving

This beauty secret works for both men and women. When planning to shave any part of your body at home, start with a lukewarm water bath or compress. With the lukewarm water, the hair follicles open up and the hair becomes soft to shave. Those who shave on an unprepared skin increase the chances of facing wounds and cuts.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 3, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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