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Shower Tricks That Benefit Your Skin And Hair The Best

It is not only about adding new beauty products, packs, scrubs, shampoo or conditioner in order to improve the state of your skin and hair. Along with these additions, you have to ensure that your basics like bath or diet routine are going the right way.

Today, we will be talking about the bath routine. It is not about taking bath every day or spending time in the wash room. It is about taking bath in the right way, such that it impacts your skin and hair.

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Here are some shower tricks that you can start following from today and see a change in the condition of your skin and hair.

These shower tricks for skin and hair must be followed on a daily basis to notice a vast difference.

Shower Tricks For The Skin


Start With Dry Brushing

This is how an ideal bath should start. Enter the bath room and before pouring any water on yourself, just wet the loofah a little and scrub this all over your body. This lets the first layer of dirt and pollution to get off and it prepares the skin cells for the upcoming bath session. When doing the dry brushing, do not be harsh on your skin or drag it long.


Use Specific Products

All beauty stores have bath products specifically catering for different skin types and body needs. A face wash application should end at your chin while a body wash can be used from top to toe. If you hurry your bath process to save time, then you are sure to mess over your bath collection and the outcome is hampered.


Do Not Use Extremely Hot Or Cold Water

The temperature of the water is very important when you are doing the bath. You should neither use extremely hot water nor very cold water. This affects your skin directly. So, one of the shower tricks is to prepare your water in advance by mixing enough hot and cold water, so that you get a lukewarm temperature. The lukewarm temperature of water suits all skin types.


Reserve Time For Mani And Pedi

Despite spending so much time in the bath, we hardly spare attention to the palms and feet. Well, every ideal bathing session must have two minutes reserved for the palms and feet. During this time, first, scrub and then cleanse your palm and feet such that all your body parts are properly clean by the time you get over with the bath.

Shower Tricks For The Hair


Distribute Hair Products All Over The Head

Well, when it comes to shampoo or conditioner, mostly the tendency is to pour a scoop of it on the top of the head and lather it all over. Well, this method is completely wrong. The right shower trick is to distribute your hair shampoo or conditioner all over your hair and massage on the roots and scalp first. Gradually, from the scalp or base, you can move to the tip of your hair. During a hair wash, pay attention to all sides and parts of your hair.


Wait Time Is Important Only For The Hair Mask

Often, after applying shampoo or conditioner, there is a tendency to wait for such products to react with hair. Well, this is not at all required. The right shower trick is, wait time is only required when you apply a hair mask or hair pack. Shampoo and conditioner work on the hair during the massage span and thus, you don't need to provide it extra wait time on your hair.


In Plan For Hair Removal

Hair removal plans can be clubbed during the shower time. The right way to do this is, after the main shower, wait for two minutes and then do the hair removal. This lets the skin pores open up and allows better hair removal. Also, do not do hair removal at the beginning of the shower, as it increases the scope of cuts and wounds. The shower trick here is, complete one-half of the bath, wait, do the hair removal and then, pour some extra water all over the body, especially on the area where you did the hair removal.

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