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How To Smell Good Even When You Miss Taking A Shower

It goes without saying that a daily shower routine is essential for maintaining personal hygiene. However, on days when you're running late and are pressed for time, it can become impossible to carry out this daily routine.

On such days, you wish you could just miss taking a shower and yet feel fresh and smell good all day long. But the very thought of body odour makes the idea of skipping a shower an unthinkable one. Body odour is often a result of bacteria buildup and sweat.


Fortunately, there are certain tips that can help you freshen up your skin and smell good without even stepping into the shower. These time-saving tips can come in handy on days when you're in a rush in the morning or just too lazy to shower.

Here, we've compiled a list of those tips that can help you achieve full-body freshness without taking a shower and keep awful body odour at bay.

1. Use Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can instantly freshen up your skin. Moreover, they come with a pleasant fragrance that can effectively remove body odour. Use these to wipe your underarms and other sweaty body parts to make sure that you smell good, even without taking a shower.

2. Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can prove to be your best ally on days when you're pressed for time and cannot take a shower. This revolutionary shampoo can freshen up your tresses and make sure that they smell great and do not give away any foul smell.


3. Spray Perfume

Perfume can prove to be your strongest ally on days when you skip a shower. It can thoroughly remove body odour and make sure that you smell fresh and good for a long period of time.

4. Use Citrus-based Products

Citrus-based skin products are loaded with antibacterial properties that can prevent the odour-causing bacteria from making you smell bad. Be it a hand cream, body spray or mist, use the ones that come with a citrus base to keep body odour at bay.

5. Opt For Comfortable Clothing

This is another handy tip that you should follow on days when you miss taking a shower. Tight clothes make it hard for your skin to breathe and lead to a foul smell. To prevent that, just opt for comfortable clothing in which your skin can breathe to ward off body odour.

6. Use Underarm Sweat Pads

Ideal for days when you skip a shower, disposable underarm sweat pads can effectively absorb the sweat and prevent body odour. Moreover, they can guard your clothes from sweat stains. Use these pads to make sure that you smell great throughout the day.

7. Scrub Your Feet

Even if you miss taking a shower, make sure that you scrub your feet to prevent bacteria buildup that can cause an awful foot odour. So, scrub your feet to keep the foul smell at bay.

8. Put Powder In Your Shoes

This tip can make sure that your feet smell great all day long, even on days when you could not take a shower. Just put a little bit of body powder into your shoes. This will make sure that your feet stay fresh throughout the day and do not give away the foul smell.

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