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Professional Beauty Treatments That A Would-Be Bride Must Go For

All brides remain excited yet worried about their D-day and a primary concern is definitely their looks. It is not only about the topical makeup that brides put on just an hour before the wedding, it is about them feeling and looking good in every way.

From face, neck, hair, body to feet - no brides are ever ready to cut short on any of their final looks.

To help the brides take the maximum care of their beauty requirements, here is a list of the ten essential beauty treatments that they must go for.

These beauty treatments from expert professionals will ensure that the would-be brides look their best on the wedding day and the associated celebrations. Also, as the list of beauty treatments to do is hefty, brides must ensure that they queue up all these professional beauty treatments in advance from the final day, to avoid any chaos at the last minute.


Body Polishing

Well, there are many ways of doing body polishing; but a final round from the salon will ensure glowing yet soft skin for the bride. A typical body polishing session in the salon includes a body scrub followed by an oil massage and shower. After the body polishing, would-be brides should not apply soap or shower gels for the next 24 hours, in order to long last the effects of body polishing.


Pedicure And Manicure

Brides might argue that their feet will be hidden and hands can be cleaned with a soap at home. But trust us, until you experience a professional pedicure and manicure session, you won't know what your hands and feet are really like. Pedicure and manicure sessions ensure that both hands and feet are well cleansed, scrubbed and massaged such that they appear neat, fluffy and pampered.

Setting Couple Goals For Mutual Skin Care Routine That Can Be Done Together


Deep Tissue Body Massage Or Spa

Well, the massage is suggested for the would-be brides both pre and post the wedding day. Doing a body massage or spa before the wedding is to pamper yourself and get set for the lovely ceremony of your life. When going for the same at a post-wedding stage, it will allow you to feel relaxed and revived from all the tiredness.


Skin Bleach

Fruits, flowers, salts, spices, sugars - brides rub and massage so much on their skin just to make it glow. After done with all the trials of skin glowing at home, right before the wedding do not miss a skin bleach. Though it is better to go for a body bleach, atleast a face bleach at the salon is a must for the would-be bride.


Face Clean-Up And Facial

Coming to facials and clean-ups, dear brides, a single session of it might not be enough. Start the clean-ups and facials well in advance once the date is fixed. You can ask your skin expert about how frequent you should plan your clean-ups and facials before the wedding day. It is clean-ups and facials that will cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, making it look glamorous when you exchange the vows with your love.


Detanning Treatment

Today's brides live a fast-paced life and are mostly working. This makes them exposed to continuous dust and pollution on a daily basis and the result is skin tan. Though the tan might not be noticeable on the skin, it's only a detan treatment that can bring out the real complexion of the bride.


Body Mask

Exactly how there is a face mask as a part of facial, there exist body masks and would-be brides must not miss this in their professional beauty treatments. Masks directly impact the texture and appearance of the bride's skin. There are many kinds of body masks offered by salons and brides must go on for the one that caters their skin type and complexion.


Hair Spa

Now, when so much care has been taken of the skin, it is time to pay attention to the would-be bride's hair as well. Though the final styling is done by the makeup artist on the wedding day, yet the bride must undertake spa sessions to be rest assured that the hair is well maintained. Hair spa has varieties and should be taken according to the would-be bride's hair type, condition and colour.


Teeth Whitening With Oral Care

Next in the beauty treatment series comes oral and dental care, which can be done by a dentist. Many dentists offer bridal oral care packages that require fewer sittings yet ensures a pretty white smile. While visiting the dentist, discuss all your concerns about dental and oral care for the wedding, as they take a little longer time, unlike the skin or hair experts who can fix the problems in hours.


Hair Removal – Threading And Waxing

Last but not the least of the beauty to-dos of the would-be brides, is hair removal. Brides must ensure they opt for their preferred way of hair removal, among laser, waxing, threading, shaving and so on. Also, when counting on the hair removal plans, brides must take a call regarding the bikini waxing as well.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 13, 2017, 15:36 [IST]
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