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Natural Ways To Combat Dull And Drab Skin

By Somya Ojha

Dull and drab-looking skin is one of the most common skin-related problems that most women are plagued with. Because of this, maximum women end up relying on cosmetics to conceal the dullness.

Though it is impossible to treat the reasons behind the dullness, it is very much possible to incorporate certain healthy skin care habits that can prevent your skin from becoming dull and looking lifeless.

Inexpensive and super effective, these natural treatments are known for their skin-profiting benefits. So, today at Boldsky, we have curated a list of natural ways in which you can combat dull and drab-looking skin.

Simple techniques such as exfoliation can make your drab-looking skin a thing of the past. And, moreover, trying these ways are much more safer and simpler than applying layers of makeup to conceal the dullness.

Read through the following list of natural treatments that can help your dull-looking skin appear more radiant. Try them yourself to witness the change.


1. Exfoliate On A Weekly Basis

This at-home technique can treat all kinds of skin problems and ensure that the dead skin cells do not get accumulated on your skin's surface. Make your own scrubs using natural ingredients for combating drab-looking skin.


2. Use Facial Toners

Facial toners can impart an instant glow to dull-looking skin. Prepare facial toners at the comfort of your house and use it regularly to hydrate your skin from well under the surface.


3. Apply Sunscreen On A Daily Basis

Applying sunscreen on your skin on a daily basis helps its battle the harmful sunrays and polluted air. This single habit will prevent your skin from getting damaged and looking drab.


4. Wash Your Skin Twice A Day

Not taking proper care of your skin can adversely affect its health and appearance. Something as simple as washing your face with a light face wash can do wonders on its state and help it combat dullness.


5. Apply Almond Paste

Put a handful of almonds in a blender and then mix it with milk. Then gently apply the paste all over your skin and let it stay there for a little while before cleansing with cold water. This can help prevent your skin from looking dull and drab.


6. Apply Milk With Honey

The amazing combination of milk and honey can treat your skin from well under the surface. It will help your skin effectively to fight off dullness and also make your skin look naturally radiant.


7. Apply Vitamin E Oil

Applying vitamin E oil is another excellent way of preventing dullness from taking over your skin's natural glow. Try to use this natural treatment on a regular basis to get rid of dull and lifeless skin.


8. Spray Rose Water

Rose water acts as a miracle worker in treating all kinds of skin issues. To prevent your skin from looking drab and dull, just spray fresh rose water on your skin and enjoy a rosy glow.

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