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Natural Remedy To Treat Moles On Face And Body

By: Rima Chowdhury

Moles on the face can be a beauty spot for some, while it may really ugly for others. Due to excess amount of melanocytes on the skin, it leads to the formation of moles on the face and body. However, there are natural ways to treat moles on face and body. To know more on this, continue reading.

At times, moles do not harm your body or skin; but for some of them, it is important to get rid of the moles all together, as it may lead to cancer. Usually, if you have moles leading to cancer, it will frequently change its colour, shape, and size.

So, if you observe any of these differences in moles, it is important to get rid of them at the earliest.

Check out for a few effective ways to get rid of the moles easily.


Banana Peel

Due to antioxidants found in the banana peel, it can help to break down melanocyte activity on the face. Take a banana peel and apply this on your moles. Now, secure the banana peel with the help of a bandage. Keep it for 24 hours and then wash off. Using banana peel helps to dry the moles easily.


Castor Oil

Regular application of castor oil can help to get rid of the moles easily. Soak a cotton ball in castor oil and apply this on the moles.

Now, secure it with a bandage or tape and allow it to be there for at least 12 hours. Castor oil can help to break down the enzymes, thus drying the moles. Wash off with water later.


Apple Cider Vinegar

A lot of experts have believed that using apple cider vinegar can help to get rid of the moles easily. It helps to burn them slowly, thus getting rid of the problem.

Also, due to antibacterial properties found in apple cider vinegar, it can prevent any infection caused. Dip a cotton ball in ACV and apply it on the moles. Repeat doing this regularly for 10 days to get rid of the problem.



Due to a lot of enzymes present in pineapple, it can help to break out the enzymes, thus preventing moles on the body. Take some pineapple slices and extract the juice. Now, add some Epsom salt to the pineapple juice and apply this mixture on your moles. Wait for some time and wash off with warm water.



Due to natural astringent properties found in honey, it can help to treat the moles easily. Apply some honey to the moles and wait for some time.

Secure it with a tape and wash off with water after 12-15 hours. Do this for a month or so to get improved results. Honey not only helps to get rid of the moles, but also heals the marks easily.


Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil can help to get rid of the moles effectively. It helps to treat warts, moles, acne, pimples, etc., on the skin effectively.

Apply some tea tree oil on the mole and leave it for 30 minutes. Repeat doing this at least thrice in a day to get rid of it completely. The mole will eventually dry and drop out with the help of tea tree oil.


Flax Seed Oil

Take some flax seeds and grind them to make a powder. Now, add flaxseed oil to make a paste. Add some honey and mix together.

Spread this mixture on the moles and apply a bandage over it. Leave it for 24 hours and wash off with water. Using flax seeds on the moles will help to eventually dry out the mole and lose its edge


Onion Juice

Using onion juice is an easy and effective remedy to treat moles on the skin. Squeeze out some onion juice and apply it on the moles with the help of a cotton swab.

Repeat doing this several times in a day to see improved results. You can also add honey to the onion juice to increase the effect on moles.


Frankincense Oil

A lot of people aren't familiar with Frankincense oil, but it is very effective in treating acne and moles on the skin. Frankincense oil works as a natural astringent that helps to remove the moles effectively.

Take 5 drops of Frankincense oil and mix it with five drops of olive oil. Apply this on your face and wash off with warm water. Use this remedy twice in a day.


Aloe Vera Gel

A great thing about this magical product is that it does not contain acidic properties at all. Cut a fresh aloe vera leaf, scoop out its gel, but apply the gel on the moles only.

Wait for 3-4 hours and wash off with cold water. Do this for a long period of time to get rid of the mole effectively.

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