Natural Remedies To Increase Breast Size Naturally

By: Rima Chowdhury

Not everyone of us is blessed with a good breast size and hence in certain cases, working on them becomes really important. Some women have a fetish for heavy breasts while others crave for small-sized breasts. If you are the one who is not satisfied with your breast size, this article is just for you.

For certain women, large size breasts provide them with self confidence and self-esteem. Well, if you are one among the millions of women who are working hard to increase your breast size, here are some of the easy home remedies to be followed.

Here are some simple ways to enhance your breast size naturally.


1. Breast Massaging

Regular breast massage at home can help to increase the breast size naturally and also improve the shape. Massaging of breast can help to stimulate the increased production of prolactin, a breast enlarging hormone which plays an important role in breast enlargement. If you want to increase your breast size by one cup, you should massage your breast regularly for 30 minutes.


2. Aloe Vera Massage

Massaging your breast with frozen aloe vera mask can not only help to promote soft breasts but it can also help to improve breast size. Take some aloe vera leaves and scoop out fresh aloe vera gel.

Now add one drop of lavender essential oil and keep it in the freezer. Now massage your breast with aloe vera gel and wash off with cold water. Massage your breasts regularly for at least 30 minutes to see improved results.


3. Radish

Consuming radish can help to improve the breast size significantly. According to several studies, radish has been linked to natural breast enhancement therapy. It can help to promote blood circulation which can help to improve blood flow to the local tissues found in the breast.

Consuming one radish a day can help to boost the breast enlargement hormone in the body, thus increasing the breast size easily and quickly. Application of radish juice on the breasts is another effective way to improve breast size.


4. Wheat Germ Oil

Due to essential proteins and vitamins present in wheat germ oil, it can help to promote healthy and heavy breasts. Studies have proved that massaging your breasts with warm wheat germ oil regularly for 30 minutes can help to improve the breast size and make them look bulky. It helps to promote tissue growth, thus increasing the blood supply to the breast area.


5. Honey And Olive Oil Mask

Application of honey and olive oil mask on your breasts can help to give you improved results. Take two spoons of olive oil and add some honey to it. Mix both the ingredients together and heat it for some time. Massage your breast in a circular direction for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. Follow this remedy every day for a month to observe improved results.


6. Onion Mask

Using Onion mask is an effective remedy to improve breast size and also keep your breast skin soft and supple. Onion juice is a great breast enhancement option which is inexpensive and can be used by everyone. Take one onion and grind it to make a paste. Now extract the juice and add half a pinch of turmeric to it. Apply this onion mask on the breasts and wash off with cold water.


7. Sesame Oil

Using sesame oil helps to strengthen the breast muscles and also boosts breast size. Massaging your breasts in a circular direction with warm sesame oil can help to speed up breast enlargement, thus increasing the breast size. However, make sure you do not wear tight clothes after massaging your breasts.


8. Banana Mask

Banana contains a large amount of nutrients and proteins which can help to promote large breast size. Banana is a natural muscle relaxant which helps to relax the muscles and also improves breast size. The magnesium and potassium present in a banana can help to keep your breast firm and enhance its size.

Take half a banana and mash it to make a thick paste. Add one spoon of rose essential oil and mix together. Massage your breast in a circular direction and wait for some time. Wash off with lukewarm water later. Repeat this remedy twice in a day for a month to observe guaranteed results.

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