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How To Smell Fresh During The Hot Summer Days

By Rima Chowdhury

Smelling fresh and good is pivotal during the summer days. These hot and sunny days can make you feel stinky and sweaty all the day, thus releasing an awful odour from the body. There are tips however which can help you smell fresh during summer.

While you normally try to wear light and airy fabrics during the summer days, increase in the temperature may often leave you with unwanted body odour and sweat.

Well, if you are often struggling with odour issues, here we mention to you some of the easy hacks to keep yourself odour free and cool during the summer days. Have a look at how to get rid of body odour during summer with these easy tips.


1. Use Baby Powder

You should use baby powder during the summer days, as this is the best remedy that can help to soak the excessive sweat from the body. Using baby powder also helps to make you feel fresh and good. All you need to do is take some baby powder and dab it on the areas you tend to sweat more. Make sure you concentrate more on the underarms, inner thighs and others sweaty areas.


2. Use A Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is probably for those who deal with excessive sweat and oil on the scalp. Sweat tends to ruin your hair, thus giving you a dirty and sticky appearance. To prevent dealing with oily, sticky and sweaty scalp, you should be using a dry shampoo. Take some dry shampoo and dab it on your scalp. Run the comb through your hair, so that it distributes the powder evenly on the scalp.


3. Layer Your Fragrance

Using perfumes is one important method that can help to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. You should layer your fragrances, so that it stays for a long period of time. Keep it simple with a fragrance lotion and then use the perfume. You can also opt for a body butter, which comes with strong aromatic flavours.


4. Apply Perfume On The Pulse Points

Applying perfume is not enough; what is more important is applying a perfume on the pulse points. The base notes of the perfume get intense at the warmer places of the body, which is also known as the pulse points. So it is good to apply perfume on the chest, behind the knees, on the wrist and also behind your ears.


5. Use Baking Soda And Lemon Mask

If underarm sweat in an intense issue for you, you should be using baking soda and lemon mask. Take two spoons of baking soda and add some lemon juice to it. Apply this mask on the underarm area and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Using baking soda and lemon helps to kill the bacteria, thus inhibiting the release of awful odour from the body. Therefore, using baking soda and lemon mask can help to deal with the underarm sweating issue easily.


6. Opt For Essential Oils

Including essential oil in your daily routine is an important remedy that can help to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. You can choose rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, ylang-ylang oil or argan oil. Take 2-3 drops of this essential oil and add it into your bathing water. Now soak in this water for 10 minutes and pat dry. Including essential oil in your bathing water can help to make you feel fresh throughout the day.


7. Hand Sanitizers

Using hand sanitizers is another effective remedy that can help to keep your hands dry and smelling fresh. Always use a hand sanitizer that has a fruity fragrance to it, so that it prevents your hand from getting sweaty and releasing a bad odour. Always carry a small sanitizer in your handbag, so that you can use it frequently.


8. Add Body Oils To Your Sunscreen

You can add 1-2 drops of body oil into your regular sunscreen to make yourself smell fresh and aromatic. If not body oils, using fragrant essential oils is another great choice to make yourself feel good. You should make sure that you add essential oil or body oil that contains the same ingredient as that in the sunscreen. Consider using an orange essential oil in an orange-based sunscreen lotion or lemon essential oil in a lemon-based one.


9. Concentrate On Your Fabric

You should prefer wearing light coloured clothes during the summer days. Wearing dark clothes will tend to absorb a lot of sunlight and it can make you feel hot. Avoid wearing tight clothes and prefer using breathable fabrics like cotton. Stay away from manmade fabrics like nylon, polyester and rayon.

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Story first published: Monday, May 22, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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