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Easy Remedies To Keep Your Teeth White Wearing Braces

Braces on the teeth might be a boon in the long run, but those who have it, can just list its cons. Braces are painful, trecherous, awkward and come with a baggage of too many precautions. Among the cons related to braces, a common complaint is - it makes the teeth lose its white colour.

Well, braces is a set of orthodontic device that is placed and fit inside the mouth, on the teeth in order to fix its alignment. Those with bunny teeth or teeth popping out of the mouth go in for the braces treatment in order to get a pretty smile.

teeth whitening with braces

With the braces, people have to spend enough time in order to enjoy its after-effects. Also, with braces comes the common complaint that it changes the tooth colour.

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How to whiten teeth naturally at home, find out | Boldsky

Today at Boldsky, we present to you a few simple methods that you can try at home for tooth whitening, which show no side effects. Whether you have permanent or temporary braces, you can surely try these methods without even consulting with your dentist.

Baking Soda, Lemon And Salt
This home remedy for teeth whitening can be used for all kinds of teeth - with braces, without braces and even for those with dental cavities. Make a mix of baking soda, lemon juice and salt. The mix becomes your toothpaste and you can brush your teeth with this. This toothpaste should be made and used instantly and regularly. Do not try to preserve the baking soda, lemon and salt mix as your DIY toothpaste for future use.

Fluids For Tooth Whitening
During the days when you have your braces on, brushing actually becomes a challenge. So to make it simpler, here are two fluids that you can count on as your tooth whitener, especially during such days. The two fluids are apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

Take one tablespoon of any of the fluids, take it inside your mouth and swish it. Gargle this for 2-3 minutes and follow this on a daily basis, after lunch and dinner. These help to whiten your teeth, where you feel more confident to flaunt your braces.

Using Whitening Toothpaste
Well, with braces there is no change in your usual teeth brushing routine. In fact, it is said that, with braces, the number of times you brush your teeth in a day should be more. So, whenever you brush your teeth with braces, you can use a tooth whitening toothpaste. There is no hard and fast restriction on which toothpaste you must use. This will help maintain the original colour of your teeth.

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