DIY Eye Serum Recipe For Dark Circles & Puffiness

Under-eye problems land up on the veins. Some suffer from dark circles, some have puffiness, while many suffer from both dark circles and puffiness at the same time. Under-eye creams fail to treat these under-eye skin problems and then you tend to search on the web for one good remedy.

Well, the one good remedy that can sort all your under-eye problems is an eye serum. Buying eye serum is a challenge, considering the variety and you may be concerned about the side effects as well.

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As a remedy, here is a DIY eye serum recipe that works on both dark circles and puffiness together. To prepare this under-eye serum at home, you will need two ingredients - coffee and almond oil.

eye serum

However, the process of preparing this eye serum is long. So keep time in hand when preparing this eye serum at home and use it every day during your bedtime.

Recipe For The Homemade DIY Eye Serum

2 tablespoons of coffee
5 tablespoons of edible almond oil


  • As there are only two ingredients - coffee and almond oil, you have to spend time to mix them. This is the one lengthy process you have to invest on. However, if the coffee and oil are not well mixed, then it won't yield benefit to your under-eye problem. So, mix the coffee in the almond oil (until it is completely dissolved). 
  • Store the coffee-oil mix in a tight lid glass jar. Keep the glass jar in a dark cool place for a week. Do not refrigerate. 
  • After a week's time, strain the coffee-oil mix and what you get is your unique homemade DIY eye serum. 
  • Store the serum and start using it from the same day. This unique homemade DIY eye serum works on both - dark circles and puffiness.
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