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Cosmetic Surgery - Is It Good Or Bad For You?

By Shabana

Cosmetic surgery is often described as any surgical procedure which is done to enhance the appearance of a person. These surgeries boost confidence and self-esteem in people.

In today's world, people want to look good all the time. The beauty standards set by our celebrities are unrealistic and people often end up going under the knife for cosmetic procedures to look like them.

Popular cosmetic procedures include liposuction. It is the surgical removal of fat in some parts of the body. This makes one lose weight quickly.

Face lifts are usually injections of Botox, which are injected in the face. They increase the elasticity of our skin and make the wrinkles disappear, making us look younger. Lips and breast enhancements are other popular procedures among people.

There is nothing wrong in looking good. If you are not happy with some part of your body, you can always get it corrected via cosmetic procedure. But it is important to know your body's limits.

Pushing it to the edge to achieve something as superficial as beauty, will have harmful consequences in the future. It is important to have realistic expectations from the surgery and not be carried away.

Here Are A Few Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Procedures


They Boost The Confidence Of A Person

If a person is not comfortable with some part of the body, he/she might become an introvert and may not realize his/her full potential. People are getting conscious of their bodies more than ever before. Often, beauty and talent go hand-in-hand. In such a case, a cosmetic surgery to correct the fault may be advantageous for them.

Helps Improve Body's Functionality

Some cosmetic procedures are not done only for beauty purposes. Surgeries such as Blepharoplasty (surgery to remove baggy eye lids), can help make your eyes function better. Baggy eyelids often obstruct vision and a cosmetic procedure will help you correct it.



The biggest disadvantage of cosmetic surgery is the cost factor. Most of the procedures are extremely costly and will drill a deep hole in your pocket. Often, few cosmetic surgeries require you to attend multiple sessions to achieve the desired effect, adding to your bill woes.

Unrealistic Expectations

Looking like a million bucks right after the surgery is wrong thinking. You need to discuss thoroughly with your doctor about the aftermaths of the procedure. Multiple sessions may be required to get the look you want to achieve.

Also, do not immediately start looking for changes right after the procedure. Your body has undergone a few changes and it will require some time to get back to its normal functioning self.

Various Risks Associated With Cosmetic Surgery

-If you have opted for a face-lift, you might have to go into hiding for at least two weeks as your face will be all swollen right after the procedure.

-If you have undergone liposuction, your body may experience chills because of the sudden decrease in weight.

-Breast implants have the risk of bursting and leaking and may require another surgery to fix it. Also, there are no chances of breast feeding your baby after the surgery.

Choosing The Wrong/Right Doctor

This is of utmost importance. If the doctor does not know what he is doing, things can go horribly wrong. Choose a doctor who is an expertise in the field and has years of experience and an impressive list of clientele.

Addiction To Cosmetic Surgery

It is important to not get addicted to cosmetic surgeries. They are not the ultimate solution to all your problems. Just because your face lift or nose job looks good, you might unnecessarily start finding faults in other parts of the body as well, which is wrong.

People often forget the fact that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Our body is a temple. Instead of loathing about it, we should learn to accept it as it is. This will make us happier and satisfied in the long run.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 23:00 [IST]
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