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Common Laser Hair Removal Myths You Should Stop Believing

By: Rima Chowdhury

Laser hair removal method has been one among the common methods of removing hair in the beauty industry. Just like any advance treatment, laser hair removing method is as effective as any other hair removing method in the industry.

However, the concept has gained popularity because it has been promoted by celebrities in every field.

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However, this method is surrounded with a lot of misconceptions and here we mention some of them.


1. Laser Hair Removal Permanently Removes Hair

Most of them believe that laser hair removing system helps to remove the hair permanently. However, according to studies and researches conveyed on the laser hair removing method, it is said that the process can help to reduce the growth of hair but can never remove the hair permanently.

However, the effect of the laser hair removal method is so powerful that you can hardly watch any hair coming out after a few years. However, the effect of the process depends from person to person.


2. You Don’t Undergo Pain During The Process

Most of them believe that the process of laser hair removal method is pain-free just because it uses a laser to get rid of the hair. Unfortunately, this is not true!

Laser hair removing system is a painful method which may be less due to numbing balm used. However, it is slightly a less painful treatment than any other skin treatments. Also, laser hair removal is considered to be less painful than the electrolysis process and hence it is considered to be pain-free by many.


3. It May Lead To Infertility

Yes, many of them believe that laser hair removal can lead to infertility in a woman, which is absolutely false. Getting laser hair removal treatment around the bikini area will not affect your fertility level at all.

While undergoing the laser hair treatment, the laser penetrates only till the roots of the hair follicle, so that it can be removed. It does not penetrate further beyond the hair follicle and will never harm your internal organs.


4. Laser Hair Removal Method Does Not Work On Blonde Hair

Women with blond hair worry about the fact that laser hair removal will not work on blonde or ginger coloured hair. However, the case is completely different and it is said that laser hair removal works on blonde hair only after taking special precautions.

There is special oil which is applied on the area, so that it becomes easy to destroy the hair follicles. After using this special oil, the process carried further is normal.

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5. The Effect Of Laser Hair Removal Is Better On A Dark Skin Tone

It is also believed that the darker the body, the better is the effect of laser hair removal. However, the fact that people with dark skin are prime customers of hair removal myths is false. The effect and the results of laser hair treatment do not depend on the skin colour. Yes, truly and certainly it depends on the hormonal and body changes in a person after the treatment.


6. You Need To Exfoliate Before A Hair Removal Method

Some of the customers believe that you should exfoliate your skin deeply and thoroughly before the laser hair removal method. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is not the case with laser hair removal. You do not need to exfoliate your skin before hair removal and there are no such similar cases. The effect with or without exfoliating your skin will remain the same.


7. The Treatment Costs Too Much

Many ladies dream to get the laser treatment done, but due to the budget, it may leave them worried. According to the myths, it is believed that this treatment costs too much. To be true, the cost of the treatment depends on the clinic and the expert you are consulting. Also, you should keep in mind that this is a one-time investment, as you will not need to wax or shave your body thereafter.


8. Laser Hair Removal System Is Good For Everyone

Yes, it is believed that laser hair removal system is good for everyone; however, it should be avoided by people with dark skin. Experts say that laser hair removal system should be avoided by people with a dark skin tone, as the treatment fails to differentiate between hair and skin melanin, which can particularly lead to skin burns, pigmentation, etc.

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