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Carry These To The Beach For A Complete Skin And Hair-friendly Tour

By Kripa Chowdhury

Every beach trip plan is exciting; but think of your last visit to the sea. Remember, the dry skin, the frizzy hair and the dark body tan that made you unidentifiable?

Yes, every beach trip includes cons like tanning of skin, deteriorating of the skin texture, hair quality, etc., but we cannot miss out on the fun, can we?

Rather than cancelling on your beach plan, how about spending little time in packing the right beach beauty products such that you have all the goodies for a perfect body care at the sea?

The beach beauty products should not only be packed in a big bag but you have to ensure that you apply them at the right time for complete protection of your skin and hair at the sea.

The listed beauty products for your beach trip are available in any makeup stores or online websites, in varied brands, and you need to make the right choice for optimum body care even at the beach. So, check here to know more on which are the beauty essentials you need to carry in your beach-ready bag.


Sunscreen Lotion

The utmost concern when at the beach is body tan. Around the sea, short fancy dresses or swimsuits expose maximum parts of the body and the outcome is dark patched skin. So, the first beach beauty product that you should buy is a sunscreen that has an extra quotient of SPF to save your skin from the scorching sun rays. Sunscreens also have waterproof version which you can go for, especially if you're in plan for a swim in the sea.


Lipstick, Balm And Gloss

Ideally, a beach look does not involve much of makeup or colours on the face. But how about a dark shade of lipstick to highlight your lips, when you head for a candle light drink during the eve? Also, on the beach, it is very common for your lips to react and become chapped or dry. At that point of time, a lip balm in your beach bag is a definite relief. On top of these, do not miss the lip gloss. Go for the lip gloss, especially when you don't intend to repeat the same shade of lipstick.


Waterproof Eye Makeup

Though you might not consider any eye makeup during your beach trip; but a thick kajal in the day-time and some eyeliner with eyeshadow at night is a good choice. However, if you are buying a new set of eye makeup, especially for the beach, then it is highly recommended to go for a waterproof eye makeup such that you are confident about "no smudging" or "dark eyes" even in water.


Perfume And Colognes

Is there any point of time when you would not want to smell good? So, while packing beach beauty products, do not miss enough perfumes and deodorants. If you carry some variety, then you can smell different every time when you're at the beach.


Body Lotion And Hand Cream

The sun and the salty water pathetically react with your skin. Whether it is your legs, hands or face - it is going to dry up and at times, even ends up in rashes or allergies. To avoid this, do apply a gentle coat of body lotion all over your body, such that your skin is hydrated all the time. Repeat the body lotion application ample times during your stay in the beach. Coming to hand creams, you would specially need it, as the direct contact of hands to sea salt and sea water makes it harsh. Try sharing your lotions and creams with your beach mates, as this is important irrespective of the gender.


Facewash And Cleansers

Those who follow healthy beauty regimes will know the importance of face wash and cleanser at the end of every day. Whether you are on the hill, desert or sea - face washing followed by cleansing is a basic requisite to do. So, do include your favourite face wash and cleanser in your beach beauty bag.


Hair Accessories

Do you want to spend a moment in your beach trip at the hotel struggling to shape your unmanageable dried, tangled, frizzy hair? If no, then do carry adequate hair bands, bobby pins, and clutches, so that you can keep your hair tied all the time. This will protect your hair and save it from the wind and salt. In fact, covering your hair with a bandana is the best you can do, especially during daytime at the beach.


Oil, Shampoo, And Conditioner

Your hair is sure to give up at the beach. The sea water, the beach salt or the weather reacts and it will be an unmanagable affair during your trip. Hence, ensure that among your beach beauty products, you have hair oil that you will apply and head for a sea bath, followed by shampoo and conditioner for a good look in the evening. You should try carrying both body and hair oil to the beach.


Wet Wipes

Carrying wet wipes is not for beauty purpose. It is a basic requisite in daily life, which comes in use for so many purposes. Usually, you would carry it in your work bag to office. So, before your beach trip, do add the wet wipe pack in your beach beauty products bag as well.


Tan Removal Cream Or Milk

Now, no matter how much oil, lotion, sunscreen, etc., you might have applied, none can spare you from some tanning. Back in the hotel, you will see this but do not panic. Bring out the bottle of tan removal lotion or sachet of tan removal cream and apply it as quick as possible. The faster you apply it, the lesser the chances of your beach tan to stay. If you delay it, the tan will take more time to bid you a bye.



The skin reacts in case of weather or geograpghical change. So, if you see that during your beach trip, you are seeing unwanted reactions in your skin, and your saviour can be a good toner. After your gala time on the beach, get back to the hotel, and first wipe your face, wash it, cleanse it, tone it and lastly, tone it before applying a cream.


Compact Powder

Compact powder at the beach plays its role during the evening when you head to the shack or a nearby disco for a party. Apply a good compact powder matching your skin tone, and you will definitely be a diva that evening.


Nail Paints And Removers

Usually, beach attires are colourful and some matching nail paints go good. However, during your prolonged sea bath, there is a high chance that the nail paint will peel off. For that, carry some options of nail paints. Use the remover to clean your nails and then apply the colours you want. Change of nail colours will add to your glamorous beach look. And it's a nice way to pamper yourself at the beach as well, think about it!


Sunscreen Primer

Beach parties go on till midnight and your makeup cannot give up midway. Here comes the role of a primer that will help your makeup on the skin last long and also not make your face appear like a pancake after sometime. It is better to go for a sunscreen primer in case of beach beauty products because you can then use it during the daytime as well.


Face Mist

A dry face, dirty face or some discomfort on the face might happen during the travel days. Here, your face mist can help, wherein you can gently spray it all over and wipe off for a refreshing feel.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 14:29 [IST]
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