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Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Back Acne

Posted By: Rima Chowdhury

Back acne can be the most inconvenient thing you can ever have on your body! If your skin is acne prone, you may not only have acne and pimples on the face, but you may observe them on the back as well. However, a few home remedies are known to work wonders in treating back acne.

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Back acne is generally caused when the pores get clogged due to excess production of oil. Sometimes, back acne may be due to accumulation of dead skin cells. Acne on the back can make it difficult to sleep or wear clothes.

Well, if you suffer from back acne, here are a few home remedies we would suggest you to try. Do take a look.


1. Cucumber

Cucumber helps hydrate the skin and also wash out any impurities from it. It can clear blocked pores effectively on regular use. Take some cucumber and cut it into pieces. Now grind them to make a paste and apply it on your back. Wait for some time and wash off with cold water.


2. Onions

Due to anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties found in onions, it can help to treat back acne easily. It is not only effective on back acne but also heals the scars easily. Take two white onions and extract the juice. Add one drop of lemon and honey to it and mix together. Apply this mask on your skin and wash after 15-20 minutes.


3. Pineapple

Due to bromelain, a compound which works as an anti-inflammatory property in pineapple, it helps to prevent back acne and pimples easily. Take some pineapple slices and extract the juice. Apply this juice on your back with the help of a cotton ball and wash off with cold water. Use this remedy twice in a day to get rid of the back acne easily.


4. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is known for its antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as it helps to heal all kinds of acne on the skin. Also, due to astringent properties found in nutmeg, it can help to lighten the acne scars and acne marks as well. Take some nutmeg powder and mix it with one spoon of honey and cinnamon powder. Mix them together, apply it on the acne-prone area and wash off with water.


5. Orange Peel

Well, this is one among the easy ways to treat back acne as well. Take some orange peel and dry it under the sun. Grind all the peels to make a fine powder. Add one spoon of turmeric and honey to the orange peel powder and mix well. Apply this mask on your back and wash off with cold water after 10 minutes.

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6. Tomato Pulp

Tomato pulp is an excellent remedy that heals back acne and acne scars. Due to its acidic properties, it can help to treat the acne easily. Cut some tomato and extract the juice. Now apply this juice on your back and wash off after 30 minutes.


7. Multani Mitti

Using Multani Mitti helps to absorb excess oil on the oily skin. It helps to open up the pores, thus healing the back acne easily. Take some Multani mitti and apply it on your back. If needed, you can add Multani mitti with sandalwood powder and rosewater and make a paste of it. Use this remedy twice or thrice in a day to get rid of the back acne easily.


8. Lemon Juice

Due to citric acid found in lemon, it proves to be extremely beneficial in treating back acne easily. Also due to astringent properties, it helps heal the acne scars easily. Take one lemon and cut it into slices. Apply the juice on your back or rub the lemon slice on the acne. Allow the juice to dry under air and then wash it off with water. Using lemon juice also helps to maintain the pH level on the skin.


9. Baking Soda

Due to natural exfoliating properties found in baking soda, it can help to treat back acne effectively. Also, due to antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties found in baking soda, it helps to get rid of the back acne easily. Take some baking soda and mix it with water. Mix both the ingredients together and apply this

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Story first published: Thursday, March 16, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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