Best Hair Removal Methods For Pubic Area

By: Rima Chowdhury

Removing hair in the pubic region can be one of the biggest concerns for every woman. However, because this is still considered to be a private talk, we hesitate to acquire knowledge about what method suits our the area best and how we can get rid of that rigid hair down there. If you're wondering how to deal with pubic hair, continue reading.

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For those who never thought of removing hair from the pubic area, let us tell you that it is very important to remove the pubic hair, so that it helps to keep your private parts healthy, safe and hygienic.

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Here, we mention to you the different hair removal methods for the pubic area and the pros and cons of each. These suggested ways to remove pubic hair must be done taking care of the hygiene and safety.

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1. Waxing

One of the most common and frequently used methods for hair removal is waxing. Waxing lasts for more than 2 weeks and also gives a close shave easily. However, the further results depend on the hair growth and type. One biggest consequence of the process is that it is extremely painful and you should not attempt to do it by yourself at home.

If you are opting for waxing the pubic area, you should make sure that it is done by an expert. You should make sure that the expert inserts a new stick into a new wax every time. If you often experience ingrown hair, you can consider exfoliating the area with the help of a gentle cleanser or scrub. Soon after you are done with waxing, soothe the area with coconut oil, Vitamin A or E oil or fresh aloe vera gel.


2. Shave

Next most popular method to remove hair from the pubic area is shaving. Shaving is one of the convenient methods that can be opted by a woman to remove hair. This is one of the cheap and safe methods to remove pubic hair down there.

The biggest cons of shaving are it can lead to razor bumps, dryness and itchiness of the skin. However, in order to avoid this, you should apply a good amount of moisturiser or aloe vera gel after shaving. Removing pubic hair by shaving can leave your skin itchy and spotty. Other than this, shaving your pubic area includes the risk of blisters, pimples, cuts and ingrown hair.


3. Creams

Another most popular method for hair removal in pubic area is using creams. There are several creams available in the market and hence, you can pick the right one for yourself. Make sure you use the cream properly and avoid getting it inside the vagina.

This is best if you want to remove hair that is far away from the labia. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid using this method. Using creams to remove pubic hair can often leave you with the area turning dark and itchy. It is always better to check the cream and its harshness by testing it on a small patch of the skin.


4. Epilator

This is as easy as the shaving process is; but if you have sensitive skin, stay away from this method of hair removal. Depending on their skin type and voltage of the machine, some women have encountered boils on the pubic area. Before using epilators, you should shave off the small patch and wait for some time to see the after effects.


5. Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be assumed as the last and ultimate choice for hair removal from the pubic area. If you want to remove hair permanently, you should be using this method. Although you may not get results at one shot; but a right number of sessions can make you get good results.

Laser treatment is expensive than the rest of the procedures and should be done by experienced dermatologists only. However, the results of laser treatments are quite satisfactory. Avoid tanning the skin around your bikini area, as darker skin increases the likelihood that the laser won't be able to pinpoint the hair and may lead to burns on the skin.

Also, you should avoid getting a laser treatment while you're menstruating because having your periods can make your skin be more tender and sensitive.


6. Trim

If shaving or going for laser treatment really bothers you, you can opt for trimming your pubic hair. Most people find shaving or waxing their pubic area quite difficult and hence they chop off the pubic hair using scissors. You should make sure you chop the hair after every 2-3 months (depending on your hair growth rate and length).

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