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10 Beauty Hacks Using Mogra Flower That You Will Thank Us For!

By Asha

Mogra flower is commonly used in many beauty products due to its beauty-boosting properties. Nothing can beat the fragrance produced by mogra flowers. This article lists some of the best beauty hacks using mogra flowers.

Mogra (Jasminum sambac) is a small shrub that is cultivated mainly for its beautiful and fragrant essence. It is also known as the Arabian jasmine. Mogra flowers can be classified into different types based on their leaf shape and structure of the corolla.


Apart from making perfumes, mogra flowers have surprising uses as an ingredient of beauty products. There are many effective beauty hacks that you could try using mogra flowers that will make you astonished.

This little white flower seen in almost all homes can do wonders on your skin. Most of the beauty hacks using mogra flowers use its moisturizing property. Apart from using the flower directly, you can make use of the fragrance as well to relax.

Continue reading to know more about the effective beauty hacks that you could try using a mogra flower.


1. Decorate Your Hair

Probably, this is the most common way how girls use a mogra flower, especially in south India. This will make you look gorgeous and traditional. No perfume can replace the fragrance of mogra flowers that keeps your hair fresh.


2. As A Face Pack

The jasmine petals can be pureed and this will make an excellent face pack. Apply the paste directly on the skin. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.


3. For Anti-ageing

Jasmine has excellent property to moisturise dry skin. This will address most of your dry skin issues that otherwise cause wrinkles and dead skin cell buildup.


4. For Bathing Fresh

You can add the mogra flower petals in your bath tub. Taking a bath in this water will make you feel fresh and energetic. You can also mix the puree made from the petals to get the same effect.


5. To Treat Sun Damage

Mogra flower puree can be applied on to your face after a long tiring day under the direct sun. This will give you instant freshness.


6. To Treat Acne

If you are scared to use any moisturiser when having acne problems, mogra flower can come to your rescue. Make a paste with the flower petals and apply it directly on your face.


7. For Smooth Skin

Mogra flower puree can make your skin soft and supple with its excellent moisturising property. Products having mogra flower extract will also give you the same effect.


8. To Prevent Body Odour

Mogra flowers are an excellent choice to fight body odour. Jasmine essential oil is good to make a DIY body spray. Mix water and jasmine oil in a spray bottle for this. This is one among the most effective beauty hacks that you could try using a mogra flower.


9. For Conditioning The Hair

The very same moisturising property of mogra flower can be used for conditioning your hair. Soak mogra flowers in hot water and allow it to cool. Once it is cooled, use this to rinse your hair thoroughly.

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