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Ways To Naturally Reduce Body Hair Growth

By: Riddhi Roy

Body hair is really annoying and embarrassing. More than looking bad, I believe it looks and feels unhygienic. So, we all look for methods to reduce body hair, methods that would be cheaper than huge parlour treatments and effective at the same time.

There are of course the obvious methods like waxing and shaving. But, if you are not too intent on following those methods, there are a lot of natural methods that you can try to gradually lessen the hair growth.

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There is also a permanent method like laser hair removal. Laser treatments are extremely expensive though and take a lot of sessions to be completed to permanently get rid of the hair.

And there is always a possibility of the hair growing back due to diseases like PCOD. So, it's more like spending all that money and still not getting a sure-fire solution for the problem.

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Natural methods, on the other hand, are inexpensive, free of chemicals, kind to the skin, etc. Although they may be slow in showing their results, they would at least not harm the skin.

So, keep reading for the natural ways to reduce body hair growth with ingredients that can easily be found in your kitchen.


Chickpea flour (besan):

Make a paste out of besan, turmeric and yogurt. Apply this daily; and gradually you will notice lesser hair growth.


Pumice stone:

Rub the pumice stone in circular motions around the area. This will loosen the hair follicles and slowly reduce hair growth.


Lemon sugar scrub:

Mix lemon juice with sugar. The stickiness of the mixture helps in pulling out body hair with ease. And lemon also provides an excellent bleaching effect.


Homemade sugar wax:

Boil sugar, lemon juice and water together and, once it cools a little bit, use it on the area you wish to wax. This will be as painful as a parlour waxing session. The procedure is called sugaring.


Spearmint tea:

Drinking spearmint tea on a regular basis can reduce the production of androgens that is the male hormones that are responsible for hair growth.



Wet, kneaded flour can be used in the direction opposite to hair growth to pull out the hair.


Egg whites:

Since egg whites are sticky, they can be used to pull out the hair. Apply the egg white on the area you wish and peel it off once it dries. Although this is a slow procedure and needs to be done 2-3 times in a week, you can get to see effective results with regular use.

I hope these tips help you in getting rid of the unwanted hair, do try them out and let me know your experience!

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2016, 11:28 [IST]
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