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2 Kitchen Ingredients Can Whiten Your Teeth In 2 Days!

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They say a great smile can instantly make a person look more appealing. And what makes for a great smile? Yes, you are right, a set of healthy, white teeth!

I am sure most of us, at some point, have looked at the flashy white smiles of celebrities and wondered how they managed to attain them.

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Many of us are not born with naturally white teeth and that is quite normal. Sometimes, many factors contribute towards making our teeth discoloured and appear yellowish.

Poor diet, lack of oral hygiene, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, chewing tobacco, heredity, gum diseases, etc, can make our teeth look discoloured and unattractive.

homemade remedy to get white teeth

Having teeth that are yellowish can make a person feel very self-conscious and make him/her shy away from smiling to pictures; and in this era of 'selfies', it can be quite frustrating.

While there are cosmetic dental procedures that can help you whiten your teeth, it is always best to go the natural way.

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Some people have experienced undesirable side effects with laser teeth-whitening procedures.

So, if you want a safe and effective method to whiten your teeth, then try the combination of unrefined cooking oil and salt, which can be made right at home!

Recipe To Prepare The Natural Teeth Whitener

Ingredients Required:

  • Unrefined cooking oil (either coconut oil, groundnut oil or sunflower oil) - 1 tablespoon 
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon

The ancient medicinal system of Ayurveda believes in the method called 'oil pulling', which can be used to whiten teeth. When oil is applied on the teeth and rinsed out, it pulls away all the impurities, bacteria and plaque build-up along with it.

By eliminating the impurities present on your teeth, oil has the capacity to reduce teeth discolouration and in turn makes your teeth appear whiter with every use.

Also, salt is an excellent natural cleanser that can scrub away the plaque and discolouration present on your teeth to reveal the pearly whites!

homemade remedy to get white teeth

How It's Done:

  • Take the suggested amounts of ingredients in a cup. 
  • Pour the mixture into your mouth. 
  • Now, rinse your mouth and teeth with this oil and salt mixture. 
  • Continue rinsing your mouth for 5 minutes.
  • Make sure that you do not swallow the mixture. 
  • Spit out the mixture after 5 minutes. 
  • Now, rinse your mouth with some cold water. 
  • You may then proceed to brush your teeth gently using a herbal toothpaste.
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