21 Things To Remember Before Getting A New Tattoo

By: Rima chowdhary

The internet is going crazy after girls and guys with a tattoo! Tattoos have been in the Indian culture for many years now; all we have done is elaborated and enhanced with the culture of a tattoo by giving it a proper form.

We have listed about certain things that you should remember before getting a tattoo.

Nowadays, girls with tattoos look the coolest, and if you want to act like a cool girl, you'd need to get a tattoo.

There is nothing sinful in getting a tattoo; all you need to do is remember these things before getting one.

Take a look the factors to consider before getting a tattoo done.

things to remember before getting tattoo

1. Variation In Price
A price of the tattoo may vary due to various factors. The cost of a tattoo is fixed according to the size of the tattoo, the design and the charges of the tattoo artist. If you are hiring a real tattoo artist, girl be ready to pay a bomb!

2. Start With A Small Tattoo First
Getting first tattoo may be terrifying, and hence you must opt to get small tattoos. Small tattoos look good, fashionable and beautiful as well. Give yourself a chance to know about the tattoo process; and if you are fine, you can get inked the next time again.

things to remember before getting tattoo

3. Consider The Right Timing
Ideally, any season is comfortable, but you should make sure that your body does not sweat while getting inked. So, it is better to get a tattoo in months which are not hotter. Sweat can be irritating and it can damage your new tattoo. This is the most important thing to remember before getting a tattoo.

4. Don't Go For A Cheap One
Unless it is recommended by your friend or you have a friend who is a tattoo artist himself, don't agree to get your tattoo at a dirt low price. Go for a decent investment, or else you will probably regret your whole life.

5. Follow Your Artist And Research About Him
You should follow your tattoo artist on social media platforms and keep an eye on the review. Don't hurry with the decision, take some time and end up in getting the best one.

things to remember before getting tattoo

6. Avoid Name Initials
No matter how madly you are in love with someone, you should choose the design of your tattoo wisely. Many of them get the initials of their partners inked for life and regret later!

7. Avoid Faces
You might be obsessed with a tattoo, but make sure your face stays out of it. We're sure you don't want to end up looking like a horror story after some time. Do make sure to remember this important thing when getting a tattoo.

things to remember before getting tattoo

8. Buy Bepanthen+
You should buy Bepanthen+ in advance, as it will help to treat soreness on the skin. If your tattoo artist has given you some, it is fine but if he has not recommended any ointment, buy Bepanthen+. Apply this cream for two times in a day and continue for at least two months.

9. Avoid Stress
If you have made the decision, go for it. Many girls cry while getting inked, which is quite a depression for her as well as the tattoo artist. He might end up making some blunders then.

10. Take An Experienced Friend
Take a buddy along with you, who has already got a tattoo on his body and has experienced this phase. Your buddy can be your moral support, and he will make things go easier when you are low.

things to remember before getting tattoo

11. Check The Tattoo Artist's Experience
You should be free to ask the tattoo artist about his experience in his field and also previous his work. Most of the tattoo artists have their works reserved together to show it to the customers. So, if have any doubt, go ahead and get it clarified.

12. Cross Check
If you have chosen a tattoo but are not sure about it, ask your tattoo artist to guide you through this problem. You can ask for his advice and agree to it if it is convincing and real.

13. Ask Questions
Feel free to ask any other questions to the tattoo artist. If you are not sure on how to take care of your tattoo, you should ask him about it. From different ointments to a proper guide of the tattoo, ask him if you lack knowledge anywhere.

things to remember before getting tattoo

14. Bring Visual Aid
If you want the tattoo artist to get an exclusive design for you according to your design or mantra, get it done on paper. The best way to get your tattoo inked is schedule a 2-3 meeting sessions before giving it a final shot.

15. Different Sittings
If you are not able to bear the pain and half of the tattoo is still left to be done, be clear with your tattoo artist to get it done in several appointments. It is always good to explain things first to the artist rather than deciding at the last moment.

16. You Might Get Shaved
The possibilities of getting shaved depend on the area you are getting a tattoo. A tattoo is done in the area with no hair and if you have some, be ready to get it shaved. Don't worry, there is no side effect to this.

things to remember before getting tattoo

17. Tip Your Artist
We understand the joy after getting inked for the first time, but if you are satisfied with the tattoo artist, don't resist to tip him. There is nothing wrong in showing him his worth.

18. Touch Ups
You don't need to hesitate about going back to the studio and getting a touch-up. If the lines of your tattoo are not clear enough, go back to the tattoo artist and get it done again. You have paid for your tattoo and there is nothing wrong in getting it done again.

19. Consider Water
Once you have decided the area you want to get inked, you should also consider the fact that a tattoo should not come in contact with water or steam. You might need to wrap plastic around the area or cover it with some plastic kind of a material for a few days.

things to remember before getting tattoo

20. Follow The Care Direction
Getting tattoo is not enough; you should carefully follow the direction to take care of your tattoo as well. Follow the guide correctly and make sure you don't harm your tattoo.

21. Needle Pack
Remember that the tattoo artist opens a new packet of the needle in front of you and disposes off the old used ones. Reusing old needles can lead to infections and skin allergies in a person.

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Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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