12 Awesome Beauty Hacks You Will Thank Us For!

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Let's admit it, life ain't getting any easy. And the one thing that we lack is time!

We don't have enough time to take 5 minutes in washroom, much less, take an hour to scrub ourselves, or prim nails pretty or indulge in heavenly hair massage. So, what we need are beauty hacks.

beauty hacks

No time, is no reason to go slack on beauty. Girl, you work hard, and you need some pampering!

And all the beauty hacks curated (after much research, we may add) work like a charm, without taking much off your time.

We know you need to look million bucks, without pulling your hair out or going broke in the process.

From greasy hair fix, making eyebrows thick instantly, preventing the dreaded lipstick teeth stains, we have covered just about all seemingly minute albeit apparent beauty troubles.

These beauty tips will make your life easy, no doubt, but there is no shortcut to the basic skin care rules, which are drink ample amount of water, avoid stepping out under sun, buy products infused with SPF properties and the golden rule, quit touching your face.

So, ladies, without further ado, watch out for these beauty hacks that'll really come in handy when in need.

thicker lashes

Thicker Lashes Instantly
Take your mascara wand. Dip it into the mascara, next take a bit of a baby powder on the Q-tip. Apply it to your eyes. Mascara will spread evenly, plus make your lashes look thick. Apply a few coats for really thick lashes.


Setting Your Dried & Broken Face Powder
We don't mean the compact case, we mean the powder inside. If your compact is old, chances are it has become dry and beginning to crack.

Here is a little beauty hack. Mix a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the powder. Whip it well. Let it sit overnight. Ta da!! You got yourself a brand new face powder.


Making Your Perfume Last Long

Here is a little beauty trick that will make your perfume last really long. Dab a little petroleum jelly to your wrist, behind your ears and and on both sides of your neck, then spritz your perfume. Your favourite perfume will not fade until your next wash.

nail paint

To Avoid Nail Paint Staining Your Skin
To get professional-looking nail paint, here is a trick. Before painting your nails, dab on a thin coat of glue. Apply the paint, then peel the glue right off. You've got yourself a professional-looking mani!

lip plumper

Instant Lip Plumper
Most of the eye cream contains hyaluronic acid, which doubles up as a lip plumber, plus erases the lines in lips for smoother lipstick application. Take a small amount of the eye cream, massage it on your lip, then apply lipstick!


Pimple Shrinker!
Are ugly pus-filled pimples covering your face? Here is a beauty hack for pimples. Dip a cotton ball in your regular mouth wash. Dab it on the pimple. Rinse after 5 minutes. Alcohol in mouth wash will dry the pimples right off!

greasy hair

Greasy Hair
Take baby powder, run a makeup brush through it, divide your hair, and apply the powder on to your hair partition. Cover your entire scalp the same way. When done, run your fingers through the scalp to dust off the excess. Viola, instant fluffy hair minus the grease!

stinky shoe

Stinky Shoe Checker
Not exactly a beauty hack, per se, but this does help! Dilute 2 tablespoons of vodka with an equal amount of water. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle. Shake it well and spritz it into your boots. Vodka kills the smell-causing bacteria, making your feet smell fresh as new!

castor oil

Eyelashes Growing Serum
Before going to bed, dab your lashes with a thin coat of castor oil. Let it stay overnight. Within a month, you will notice that your lashes are visibly darker and thicker.

essential oils

Frizzy Hair Tamer
Take a couple of drops of essential oil of your choice, rub your palm and gently dab it on your hair ends, and comb your hair. It will take the frizz right off.

frizzy hair

Making Hair Smell Incredible
Spritz your favourite perfume on your comb. Spritz just once. Your hair will smell great all day long. Take care not to douse your comb with perfume, you don't want to chock your hair follicles, right? So, spritz lightly and just once.

baby oil

Baby Oil As Shaving Cream!
If you have run out of shaving cream, use baby oil instead, and it will work just as fine. Plus, it has vitamin E for that added nourishment.

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