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10 Surprising Facts No One Told You About Stretch Marks!

By Kumutha

About 80% of the people out there, both male and female, have dealt with stretch marks at some point or the other. And, it pays to know the facts, so you know what you are up against.

You knew those silvery lines that leave tiny indentation in your skin are caused when the skin is stretched beyond its capacity, leading to a break in the top layer of the epidermis.

More like an over-inflated balloon that loses its mass, which causes it to shrivel.

However, did you know, it can occur just about at any part of your body, that is, even on your breasts? Or that genetics has a key role to play?

When it comes to stretch marks, we are often blank and there are questions ricocheting in our heads with no possible answers!

Will losing weight make stretch marks go away? Why is my stretch mark gray instead of silver, is that normal? Itching stretch marks, can it be something else?

One thing wrong most of us do is hunt for the cure for stretch marks first, without finding answers to these pressing questions, which can only lead to trouble!

So here are 10 surprising facts no one tells you about stretch marks! Have a look.

Hormones Have A Lot To Do With Stretch Marks
Hormones decide the elastin fibre and collagen level of your skin, and when these hormones fluctuate, so does the elasticity, leading to the appearance of stretch marks.

Losing Weight Will Not Erase Stretch Marks
If the stretch marks have reached the alba stage, that is fully mature, then no amount of exercising is going to bring about any difference. However, if the stretch marks are still in their nascent stage, then losing weight will help reduce them.

Genetics Plays Trump Card
You exercise right, drink ample amount of water and slap on that moisturising lotion more often than not, still your skin is riddled with nasty marks. Sometimes, it is not you, but your genetics that makes you more susceptible to developing stretch marks.

It Is Permanent!
We bet this one thing no one told you about stretch marks until now. Unlike the scars from the time you fell, stretch marks cannot be completely erased. The pigmentation can be lightened to a great extent, rough skin can be smoothed out, but complete "clearance" is not possible, unless you go for cosmetic surgeries.

Creams Are Not Miraculous
If recent studies are anything to go by, there's one ingredient that has proven to show any difference in curing stretch marks and that is tretinoin, which is a derivative of vitamin A. Other so called "miraculous" creams, no matter what they claim, are farce. This is a stretch mark fact you should jot down!

Steroids Can Increase The Risk Of Stretch Marks
Whether you are taking steroids in the form of pills or rubbing it on your skin, it will give you stretch marks. Steroids increase the cortisone level of your body, a hormone that breaks down the elasticity of the skin, leading to stretch marks.

You Can Get It Anywhere!
What you should know about stretch marks is there is no particular place and it can pop up from just about anywhere. From your elbow, lower back, breasts, thighs, etc., to even down there, don't be surprised!

It Can Itch Bad!
Another stretch mark fact we bet you did not know! For different people, symptoms vary. For some people, it starts out as purple red stubbles, before smoothing out and becoming silver in colour. And for a few of them, it might accompany with severe itchiness and scabs.

It Can Point To Underlying Illness
Another thing no one told you about stretch marks is that can be triggered due to an underlying illness as well. Certain illnesses such as Cushing's syndrome and Marfan's syndrome disrupt the hormone levels, breakdown proteins, which in turn makes the skin weak.

No Insurance Can Cover It

It falls under a cosmetic issue, rather than a medical issue. So, no matter how persuasive you are, your medical insurer is not going to buy it.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 11:36 [IST]