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10 Incredible Ways You Can Use Shea Butter This Winter!

By Debdatta Mazumder

All of you have used Shea butter in one way or the other, as it is one of the primary ingredients of skin and hair care products. Actually, it is the fatty product of an African nut-like fruit that is incredibly beneficial for your skin and hair.

On winter days, when your skin gets dry and dull, you look for such ingredients which moisturise your skin and scalp and keep them supple and soft. If you get something natural that will take the maximum care of your skin, then what more could you ask for?

Shea butter is such an ingredient that contains several vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin from the inside and keep your skin glowing from the outside.

This winter, you can use Shea butter for your skin care needs, as it can be used in a variety of ways. From your hair to toes, this beauty ingredient provides you complete care with ample nourishment.

Have a look at how you can use Shea butter for your various beauty requirements.

1. As A Skin Protector:

Shea butter is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that give your skin a complete protection. This heals any skin problems and treats your skin well to keep it moisturised, beautiful and radiant.

2. It Can Be A Good Sunscreen:

Want something natural to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays? Then, opt for Shea butter. The moisturising elements in this product are proved to provide sheer protection not only from the bright winter sun but also give you an after-sun care.

3. You Can Use This To Heal Skin Troubles:

Winter means cracked heels, bleeding lips, etc. Besides, you also get bruises from shoes or have minor cuts and burns. Shea butter heals these injuries very effectively, as it contains healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Can Be Used As An Anti-ageing Cream:

Why to spend huge on expensive anti-ageing creams? If you have Shea butter, you can forget about those crow's feet, untimely wrinkles, dullness and patches on your skin. It contains collagen-boosting properties that enhance the elasticity of your skin, while Vitamins A and E keep your skin supple and toned.

5. Awesome Lip Balm:

If you want to keep chapped lips away from you on winter days, go for Shea butter. Apply Shea butter 10 minutes prior to applying lipstick and see how smooth and luscious your lips will look.

6. Can Be Used For Baby Care:

Not only for grownups, Shea butter also has benefits for the kids. As there are no chemicals in it, you can use it for diaper rashes or any kind of a skin eczema.

7. For Dandruff Treatment:

Dandruff is another winter peril that causes hair fall in winter. Warm Shea butter and massage it on your scalp lightly. Cover your head with a shower cap for 20 minutes and then shampoo your hair and scalp. It will heal the itchiness, dry scalp and cure the dandruff problem.

8. A Great Conditioner:

Not only does it remove dandruff, Shea butter also protects your hair from getting dry and brittle by the crazy winter wind. As it is non-greasy, it removes excess oil from the scalp, providing enough moisturisation. Apply it twice in a week and see how voluminous your hair will be!

9. Enhances Your Curls:

No need to spend huge on hair treatment products. Have Shea butter handy and define your curls and get that lustrous look.

10. Can Be Used As A Shaving Cream:

Use it as a shaving cream and you can keep bruises, cuts and razor burns at bay. Also, you can apply it as an after-shave ingredient to treat bruises and cuts.

Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2016, 13:57 [IST]
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