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Is Hot Shower Bad For Your Skin?

By Kumutha

Is hot shower bad for skin? This is a question we have asked ourselves too many times to admit! How can something that feels so insanely good be bad for us, right?

After a hard day at work, when your brain feels dead and body pretty-much combusted, the first brushing of hot shower makes you feel the exhaustion seep out of you in short waves!

Following that the sleep is like beckoning of heaven. So, how can it be bad? This was something we had to find answers to! And find, we did. Here is what happens when you take a hot shower.

Hot shower soothe stiff muscles and relieve tension, true; but it also dries out your skin, leaving it flaky, dull and rough!

And when done too much, it can inflame the skin, cause redness and even peeling. What's more, it strips the skin of its natural oils, proteins and fat!

It is this oil that forms a protective shield against the skin-damaging free radicals, fights infection-causing bacteria and keeps the skin from cracking. Without this protective layer your skin is vulnerable.

There is another possible side effect of a hot shower. Your skin, stripped of its natural oils, can go in an overdrive, thereby producing twice as much oils, leaving your skin greasy and clogging pores!

So, here is what you can do next to protect your skin to the maximum, while in a shower!

Lukewarm Water

Though, ideally, cold water is more beneficial to the skin, we understand, old habits die hard, especially during winter. So, switch to lukewarm instead, as it is neither too hot or cold. It is a right temperature to shower that will help you relax without drying out your skin!

Shorten Shower Time

Where you were taking shower for 20 minutes a day, cut it down to 10 minutes. Your skin will be in a much better condition, plus you will be doing environment a great favour by reducing water wastage. Never stay in a shower long enough that your skin starts to shrivel!

Skip Soaps

The harsh detergent present in soaps can further deplete the natural oil barrier from the surface of the skin. This is a shower mistake you must avoid. Try light moisturising body wash instead, infused with herbal extracts, to repair and heal your skin.

Stock Up On Natural Oils

Once done with the shower, step out as soon as possible, before last bit of moisture dries out from your skin. Pat dry gently with a fluffy towel. When the skin is still moist, massage it with essential oils. Our pick is grapeseed or baby oil. It will lock the moisture right in!

Say No To Long Soak

We know, we know, it feels amazing. However, hot water soak does more damage to the skin than hot shower. If you have to do, cut down the time, and add a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of almond oil to the water to minimise the damage.

Avoid Dry Brushing

Not a shower mistake to avoid, per se, but a mistake nevertheless. Dry brushing, especially during winter, can further exacerbate the dryness of your skin. So, when removing dead skin layers, stick with a hydrating combo, like sugar and olive oil, which will get the job done AND moisturise your skin.

So, do give these simple tips a try, and let us know if they made any difference to your skin at the comment section below.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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