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How To Keep Hands Soft After Washing Vessels

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Some people end up having peeling skin from hands after washing vessels. It is really important to know how to keep hands soft after washing vessels. It's important because a lot of us have to wash our own vessels and may end up facing a lot of skin issues due to the use of harsh detergents.

Peeling dry skin from washing vessels can not only be an ugly sight, but also be quite painful. It can hurt to merely move our fingers, in severe cases.

Along with that, dry skin can wreak havoc on your nails too. So, before such a situation arises, use some natural moisturisers to prevent the peeling of the skin. We've shared a list of natural home remedies for soft hands that you could give a shot at.

If you do not take proper care, the skin will keep peeling and get painful. We are mostly used to the skin on our heels getting cracked and turning painful, but with hands, it isn't as expected.

So, for soft hands that hurt and have peeling skin, try out these natural moisturisers that are all inexpensive and safe to use.

We assure you that you wouldn't regret it. The best part is that it won't even take up that much time from your schedule! Take a look.


1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is a really rich oil and it smells amazing. Use this natural way to get soft hands all day long.


2. Almond Oil:

Almond oil has an amazing amount of vitamin E that is extremely beneficial for good, hydrated skin.


3. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is another rich source of vitamin E and works as an excellent home remedy for soft hands. The best part about this natural remedy for soft hands is that olive oil is available in all kitchens.


4. Vitamin E Oil:

Mix the oil from a capsule of vitamin E into any regular moisturiser to make it extra-nourishing.


5. Castor Oil:

How to keep hands soft? Well castor oil is one of the richest oils and it penetrates deep into the skin. This would heal even the most severe case of dry hands.


7. Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter is present in most body butters that you buy at the store. It is intensely moisturising and would make your hands smell nice all the time.


6. Aloe Vera Gel:

For skin that is not facing as much trouble, something as gentle as aloe vera gel would work perfectly. This water-like gel gets absorbed on to the skin fast.


8. Honey:

A really great trick you can use for shedding the flaky skin off is to use honey to scrub your hands before washing. Honey is a very gentle exfoliant.


9. Milk Cream:

You can also use a milk cream pack for your hands to moisturise them deeply. Here's how to keep your hands soft with this amazing home remedy - milk cream!


10. Butter:

Plain good old butter can moisturise your hands effectively. And since its level of oiliness is high, it gets deep into the skin to heal it perfectly.


11. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is great for dryness, as it is one of the best natural ways to keep your hands soft. Use this oil, and the tight, painful feeling in your hands would leave in no time.


12. Grape Seed Oil:

And if you're looking for a moisturiser that is not too greasy and gets absorbed fast by also helping you to provide softness, you can use grape seed oil. It even has a very mild fragrance that'll keep your hands smooth and soft all day long.

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Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2016, 13:03 [IST]
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