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How To Close Open Body Pores After A Hot Shower, 10 Tricks That Work!

Many of us like to have a relaxing hot shower, especially when winter hits the corner. Yes, of course, hot/warm shower is very effective to reduce stress or tension. It is also the best method to clean your skin to the core by removing all the debris.

Even when hot shower comes with many advantages, many are skeptic about the pores that get open. Do you know how to close the open pores after a hot shower. Read on.

The pores on your skin get opened with the hot water; and if it is not closed with some of the easy methods, it can lead to acne. Don't worry, hot shower always helps you to cleanse your skin properly.

With certain tricks to shink open pores, you can get the ultimate result. Always remember to keep yourself comfortable in the hot shower by maintaining a proper temperature and shower time.

Here, let's discuss 10 such tricks that work in closing the open pores after a hot shower.


Comfortable Hot Water:

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to turn the water into your comfortable level of hotness or warmth. Very hot water will cause severe effect on your skin.


Alpha-hydroxy Scrub:

It is highly recommended to wash your skin with a skin scrub or cleanser that is formulated with alpha-hydroxy acid. Skin care experts suggest using scrub with alpha-hydroxy acid with concentration of 8 percent or more than that. It is best to keep your pores clean and unclogged.


Cold Water:

After a hot shower, it is good to turn the temperature of the water to cold. This is because hot water opens the pores while cold water helps to close it naturally. Cold water allows to tighten the skin that has been loosened with hot water.


Pat Dry:

Don't rub your skin vigorously after a hot shower. Too much of rubbing the skin with hard towel may cause redness and dryness. It is also recommended to use soft towels than hard ones.



If you exfoliate your skin regularly, the pores will get unclogged. Naturally, your pores will become smaller and will disappear from the skin. You can exfoliate after or before a hot shower.



Use good moisturiser. After a hot shower, use a chemical-free moisturiser that suits your skin. It allows your opened pores to get closed.


Ice Cubes:

Soon after a hot shower, some people rub ice cubes on their skin. It is actually an effective method to close the pores that are opened while in a hot bath. Ice cubes tighten the pores and naturally close the pores.


Herbal Body Masks:

Along with cleansing and exfoliation, using herbal body masks will also close opened pores. Body masks with clay, lemon, apple cider vinegar and rose water help to close the pores.



Soon after the hot shower, it is better to put on some sunscreen with UV protection. Sunscreen can provide you an additional benefit of closing opened skin pores.



Another trick to make your opened pores appear closed is to put on some makeup that covers the pores. Try to use the one that suits you. There are special products that are designed for closing pores.

So, try out these tricks to close your pores that have been opened after a hot shower.

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