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Everything You Need To Know About Brazilian Wax

By: Rima Chowdhury

Keeping your body hairless and sleek is not an easy task; we hope you understand what we mean. Those 'ouch' moments even on your 20th session of waxing just cannot get erased from the mind.

Waxing has always been painful; whether it is for the first time or after a month. One of the biggest fantasies attached from the term waxing is the Brazilian wax.

Emerging from the place of sand with girls slaying in a bikini, a Brazilian wax is an original concept from Brazil.

Brazing waxing is meant to keep the most intimate part of a woman's body hairless and sexy. It is quite uncomfortable to do a Brazilian wax; but still if you desire to get some, here are few things you should know about.


1. Allow The Hair To Grow

You should enable the hair to grow because pulling off short hair can be painful. Wondering what is the ideal length required for a Brazilian wax? It should be quarter inch, which just means that you should avoid shaving your hair for at least four weeks. Avoid growing your hair too much, as pulling off longer hair can again lead to pain.


2. Wear A Skirt

As we mentioned earlier, Brazilian waxing is awkward to be done. You should wear a skirt while getting your Brazilian waxing because this is quite comfortable to do. You will feel comfortable with your dress rather than pulling down your pants and sitting all naked from the bottom.


3. Look At The Butt Parts

Brazilian wax does include shaving off hair from the butt area as well. Bikini wax gets your bikini area shaved, but Brazilian wax includes the bikini area as well as the butt to be hairless. According to the experienced professionals, it is said that the butt area pains the least. A lot of girls enjoy getting their buttocks waxed because it does not include the 'ouch' moment at all.


4. Avoid Sex

It is said that you should avoid having sex for at least 36 hours after getting your Brazilian wax done. This is because the skin is freshly cleaned, which is vulnerable to attract all kinds of infections. Also, due to friction happening while sex, it may lead to itching and uncomfortable moments.


5. Avoid Workouts

You should avoid going to the gym or performing any severe exercise for 24 hours after a Brazilian wax. Due to the sweat released during a workout, it may lead to irritation down there. So, it is always better to keep the area dry and avoid sweat getting accumulated for a longer period.


6. It Is Awkward

We are not going to lie, but getting a Brazilian wax is embarrassing. Just imagine yourself sitting without any panty with your legs spread and a stranger pulling out the hair from your private parts!! Well, if you have an expert whom you are familiar with, it would be more awkward exposing in front of a person whom you already know. You will feel uncomfortable for the first 20 minutes, and then it eventually goes away after you are comfortable with it.


7. Shower First

Most of the women have a weird smell of their discharge; and hence it is important to shower first and then go for a waxing session. Make sure you clean your private parts and apply solutions, so that it does not smell. If the expert is there to make you feel comfortable, you should make her feel comfortable as well.


8. Cotton Underwear

You should always wear cotton underwear because using a satin or any other fabric one can lead to friction after the waxing session. The area down there will be little red, tender and sore after the waxing; and hence it is always good to wear cotton underwear.


9. Ask For Suggestion

You should ask your expert for advice to take care of the area after getting it waxed. Ask for any cream or ointments, which you should be using to calm down the area. If you are using any lotion, always ask the expert about this.


10. Buy Ingrown Hair Serum

Most of the experts suggest that you should buy ingrown hair serum. You can apply this serum daily to prevent ingrown hair. You need to use this twice, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. This will soothe the skin and also protect the sensitive area.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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