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Homemade Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel Moisturiser For Very Dry Skin!

By Riddhi Roy

Sometimes our skin refuses to stay hydrated and gets flaky no matter what we do. This type of extremely dry skin requires extra attention and care.

When people get to know of the dry skin problems you face, they advise you to drink more water, or to moisturize your skin more often. Or maybe to use a lotion for dry skin right after you walk out of the bath. But what if you already follow all these things?

And no, it's not even winter. During winter this type of skin can spell havoc. Apart from looking ugly and leaving flakes everywhere, it turns red, painful and sore and can often develop rashes. Yes, that is what severely dry skin can do to you.

So, besides oiling your skin before a shower and then using a moisturiser after bath, it is suggested that you switch to a more heavy duty cream or moisturiser.

But this can be a problem for many people, as these creams can be really heavy on our pockets. Does that mean you have to deal with painful dry skin forever? No. With this easy and inexpensive DIY, all your problems will be solved.

You Will Need:

Coconut oil

Almond oil

Aloe vera gel

A container

Method And Application:

Carefully scoop out the gel from two aloe vera leaves. You could even use store bought aloe vera gel, but make sure the brand uses the least amount of chemicals. Fresh aloe vera is obviously a better choice. Mix this well with a spoon so that the gel is smooth and consistent and not lumpy.

Add the coconut oil and keep mixing. After this add two to three drops of almond oil. You may use a blender if you like. Store the finished product in a little jar or a container. Use this moisturiser every day after a shower. You can keep using it as and when you desire.

Both coconut oil and aloe vera gel are known to be very good for the skin. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin, better than most other oils. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well, preventing all sorts of infections. It also slows down the ageing process.

Aloe vera is a great source of vitamin E, which helps in keeping the skin soft, supple and hydrated. It helps in the regeneration of the skin cells and prevents scarring to a great extent. The almond oil is an added source of vitamin E and moisture.

So why buy a heavy duty moisturiser full of chemicals when you can easily make a great one at home?

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