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DIY Body Scrubs For Smooth Skin

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Exfoliation is a must to have smooth, shiny skin. Yes, skin on your body can indeed shine. Scrubbing or exfoliation polishes the skin. These 12 homemade body scrubs for smooth skin, which we have listed, are easy and fun to make. Do try them.

Most branded scrubs are really expensive. But with these DIY natural body scrubs, you just need a few home ingredients and you'd be sorted.

Sometimes, we see that our skin is really rough and there's nothing we can do about it because going out to buy a body scrub at any given time can really burn a hole in our pocket. That's why, using natural ingredients to scrub your skin is a better idea.

There are so many options to use in terms of homemade scrubs. You can mix up different ingredients and even make them smell exactly the way you want them to smell.

And, of course, they are all incredibly safe to use, as the ingredients are all natural. So, you could mix a few ingredients and create your very own homemade scrub for smooth skin.

Also, to help you further, we've shared a few amazing, natural body scrubs to make your skin smooth like never before! Keep reading the article to find out how to make them.


1. Lemon and Sugar:

Powdered sugar is one of the best natural exfoliants there is. Add lemon to the mix, and you'd be getting rid of dead skin and lightening the skin at the same time.


2. Cinnamon and Honey:

Honey is a natural humectant and it even gently exfoliates the skin. Cinnamon powder, on the other hand, increases blood circulation giving way to shinier skin.


3. Sea Salt and Olive Oil:

Sea salt is especially great if you have ingrown hair. Regular usage of this scrub can rid you of your ingrown hair to give way to smooth skin in no time! This would be perfect when used with olive oil.


4. Coffee and Olive Oil:

Is cellulite making your life difficult? This scrub will work like magic in firming up your skin. Just rub it in a slow circular motion over the desired areas to notice visible results.


5. Sugar and Honey:

Combine these two ingredients together for the smoothest skin of your dreams. This is great for people who have sensitive skin. This has got to be the best DIY natural scrub for smooth skin.


6. Aloe vera and Sugar:

Aloe vera is used for so many skin problems. It is a water-like gel, so it gets absorbed by the skin really easily. Add sugar to this and you'd get well moisturised, exfoliated skin.


7. Strawberry and Yogurt:

For a very gentle body scrub, strawberry is really good. Strawberry seeds gently polish the body and yogurt adds a good amount of moisture.


8. Orange Juice and Sugar:

Sugar is used as the base for most DIY natural scrubs for smooth skin. Orange juice adds a fresh citrusy effect to it.


9. Lemon Juice and Honey:

Since honey is an exfoliant in itself, it can be used as a scrub without a sugar base. Lemon juice would help lighten the skin tone to give you soft skin.


10. Coffee and Honey:

Even better way to firm your skin and make it smooth and moisturised at the same time is by using this homemade scrub for smooth skin by mixing coffee with honey.


11. Sea Salt and Honey:

This would look and taste like salted caramel. No matter how delectable it looks, don't eat it. Instead, use it to get smooth, perfect skin on your body.


12. Honey and Oatmeal:

This is a really good scrub for people with redness-prone sensitive skin. Use powdered oatmeal and honey to scrub your skin smooth!

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 15:12 [IST]
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