Advice From Bikini Waxers You Need To Know Before Your Session

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Going bikini waxing for the first time can be a huge step. And most of us would like an experienced friend who could give us advice or even to hold our hands through the session. But, what if you are the first of your friends to get it done? Well, then these are the things you need to know before you go for bikini waxing. Listed here are advices from bikini waxers that you must remember.

A lot of things can haunt you before you go for waxing down there for the very first time. Most of these queries are very normal and with this post, we hope we can help a lot of women who are really shy before they go for their first bikini waxing session, and that is completely normal.

There is of course little need to be shy or to be scared, trust us. Waxing is supposed to be the safest and cleanest method to be hairless down there, provided it is done right and at the right place of course.

So, keep reading to find out what you should know before you go for your very first bikini wax session.

1. All Bodies Are Different: There is no need to be conscious or to be worried about what you look like while you're on the table. The person doing your wax is probably someone who has done this a lot of times and wouldn't be thinking as much as you are.

advice from bikini waxers

2. Body Insecurities Are Real: Everyone has some or the other form of bodily insecurity. Trust us, even the most flawless people you see are not spared from body insecurities.
advice from bikini waxers

3. Take A Shower: Things to remember when going for a bikini wax is definitely this one. Always take a shower before your appointment. It's true that the waxing lady won't be grossed out by anything, but come on, a shower is the bare minimum you could do.
advice from bikini waxers

4. Don't Go Before A Period: Don't keep this appointment anytime before your period is due. That area is excessively sensitive to pain when your period is close.
advice from bikini waxers

5. Don't Go For Cheap Offers: We know it can seem tempting to go for something that is on an offer or is cheap, but never go for cheap offers when getting waxed down there. Remember that this is a really sensitive area.
advice from bikini waxers

6. You Don't Need To Do This: Remember, do this only if you are completely comfortable with the idea. Never be pressurized into a bikini wax by someone else if it is not absolutely your decision. This is the most important advice from a bikini waxer you need to remember.
advice from bikini waxers
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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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