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10 Simple Home Remedies For Cracked Finger Tips

By Debdatta Mazumder

If you want healthy and beautiful skin, it is very important that you take care of your whole body. But it happens sometimes that you overlook some areas and never concentrate upon those until any major thing happens.

For example, you may not forget to apply lip balm on your lips, but forget to use a foot cream at night. What happens as consequence? You get dry, cracked and chapped fingers and palms.

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At winter, skin usually looses moisture and become dry. But if you have dry skin, the cracking skin problem continues throughout the year. Hands and feet are the organs which go through all the turbulence of a day.

If you have much work in water, the fingers will lose their natural complexion and become pale and dry. Men usually have to wear closed shoes for maximum time of the day. So, their feet can face attack of bacteria or fungi and become dry.

Therefore, it is very important to know home remedies for cracked hands and fingers.

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Which remedy for cracked fingertips you can use? There are many. Whichever home remedies for cracked hands and fingers you use, check if that is able to sustain the moisture level and keep your organs soft.

Too much cracking leads to itching and bleeding. So, here are some home remedies for cracked hands and fingers-


Soak In Warm Water

Throughout the day, your hands and feet gets lots of dirt. Besides, dry skin cells are also deposited on the upper part of skin. Soaking in warm water before going to bed will clean your skin. Use bathing salt or mild soap into the water.


Apply Butter Or Ghee

Very effective remedy for cracked fingertips. These ingredients have enough moisture to keep your hands soft. Apply all over your hand and fingers at night and cover with a soft cotton gloves.


Coconut Oil

It is one of the home remedies for cracked hands and fingers. As coconut oil contains of antibacterial properties it prevents any kind of fungal and bacterial attack. After scrubbing, apply it gently. Regular use will give positive result within a fortnight.



Useful remedy for cracked fingertips and coming down from very old time. Glycerin helps to hold the humidity of your palms and fingers. Make a solution with equal parts of glycerin and lime juice. Add few drops of rose water. Wash it after 15 minutes. Repeat it for two weeks.



Sometimes your ignorance brings bigger problems. So, if you find your cracked finger tips are paining, put ice pack on it. Thus, the area will be numbed and you will feel lesser pain.


Avoid Soaps With High pH Level

Such soaps make your skin drier and crack easily. Therefore, it is better not to use these soaps. While buying, check the ingredients if it has mint or aloe vera. These components keep your skin moisturized.


Petroleum Jelly

While you are facing problems of chapped fingertips, you can never avoid this solution. Specifically at winter, petroleum jelly must be your best friend. At night, never forget to apply petroleum jelly evenly on your hands and feet.


Use Sunscreen

Yes, you apply it on face, but how often you use it on your hands and feet? Whenever you go outside, never forget to apply sunscreen that has good SPF level. If you have to spend much time outside, always carry it and use at certain gaps.


Wear Gloves

You may have used lots of home remedies for cracked hands and fingers, but if you don't take any precaution, problems will ever be uprooted. So, cover your hands with soft cotton gloves. If you can't avoid too much water contact, rubber gloves are there to help.

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Consult Doctor

This is the last remedy you can search for. Never let your problem go this further. Still, if you are facing pain, bleeding and other severe problems, without delay, consult a skin specialist.

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