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6 Body Scrubs For Sensitive Skin


Do you have sensitive skin and want to treat it with care? Then take a look at these six simple homemade body scrubs for your skin in monsoon.

Usually during the rainy season dry skin is not the problem, however it is best to treat it in order to keep your body swell.

These sensitive body scrubs are made along with natural ingredients like honey, salt, sugar and lemon juice. When these ingredients are added to the scrubs it not only helps to remove dry flaky skin but also improves the texture and complexion on your body.

It is best to use these lovely body scrubs before you have a shower. It boosts the skin texture and makes you feel fresh and wonderful. You should also make it a habit to use these sensitive body scrubs once in a week.

Remove tan, reduce body acne, remove unwanted hair and improve the quality of your skin with the help of these sensitive body scrubs.

Take a look:


Melon Scrub

Since it is the melon season make use of this sweet smelling fruit as body scrub. Make a paste from one whole melon, add half a cup of milk to the paste and apply the paste on your body. When dry rinse your body with warm water.


Neem Scrub

Neem helps to reduce blemishes and acne. Make a paste out of neem, add one tablespoon of turmeric powder and apply it on your back. This neem scrub reduces back acne in no time.


Oats Scrub

Oats is the best body scrub fro sensitive skin. This oats scrub reduces hair on the body and also improves the complexion.


Salt Scrub

To remove the dead skin on your body especially the feet use salt as a scrub. This ingredient is gentle on the skin and is best in improving blood circulation too.


Coffee Scrub

Nothing can beat a coffee scrub. Coffee is good for sensitive skin and aids in reducing acne too. Coffee powder should be mixed with lemon powder to reduce tan on the body.


Turmeric Scrub

One tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoon of turmeric is mixed together to form a paste. This paste is used on the body to help reduce wrinkles.

Story first published: Monday, June 22, 2015, 6:01 [IST]
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