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Homemade Manicure Tips For Beautiful Hands

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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Well-groomed hands speak a lot about us. But due to excessive work, dust, dirt and chemicals our hands become coarse and ungroomed. It is necessary to exfoliate, moisturise and groom them. And what better way to groom and relax them than a nice manicure?

A manicure helps in brightening your hands and gives them a youthful appearance. A good manicure not only brightens the hands but also helps exfoliate and remove dead cells. It improves circulation and stimulates blood flow.

6 Perfect DIY Manicure Tips

But to get perfect nails, you needn’t spend a lot of money in the parlour. You might be saving some bucks or might be too busy to go to a salon. Whatever your reason is, you can always get a great manicure at home without a second set of hands. Today, we at Boldsky will tell you homemade manicure tips. So ladies, follow these at home and get beautiful hands at home.

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8 Home-Made Manicure Tips


1. Use Olive Oil For Hand And Nail Care

Your nails and hands might be coarse due to excess work or negligence. Here is something you try to make your glowing and beautiful. Mix Olive oil and sea salt and massage your dry hands with it. It will help in removing the dead skin layers making your hands glowing. Extra virgin oil is also a perfect solution for dry nails and cuticles. Rub a few drops of extra virgin oil around your cuticles and nails and give them a gentle rub. It is sure to keep your nails moist giving them a natural sign.


2. Home-Made Cuticle Pusher

Pencil erasers are a great alternative to groom your hands at home. Just wrap your eraser in a tissue and use it as a cuticle pusher to protect your nails growth.


3. Give Glow To Your Hands Using Almond

Grind handful of almonds. Add a tbsp. of milk, glam flour and lime juice. Massage it on your hands and let it stay for some time. Rinse it with water after it dries to get radiant and gorgeous hands. Your hands smell great and they are nourished and moisturised after this treatment.


4. Rose Water And Glycerine

Regular application of rose water and glycerine can keep your hands moisturised and supple. Just mix rose water and glycerine in equal quantities and apply on your hands. This is sure to make your hands moisturised and beautiful.


5. Buttermilk

Use widely available ingredients such as butter milk to moisturise your skin and make it soft and supple. Mix hot water, 2 cups of butter milk, ½ cup of orange juice, and Vitamin E oil. Now, soak your hands in the mixture. Rinse it after some time. This mixture will exfoliate your skin and will give you glowing hands and nails.


6. Tomato And Lime

Soften your skin with Tomato and lime which is widely available in your pantry. This mix works wonders for rough skin. Mix lime juice, tomato juice and glycerine together. Massage your hands for 2-3 minutes and rinse it with water.


7. Make Manicure Lotion Out Of Smoothie

We go by this saying if it is good enough to eat, it is good enough to apply too. Create a manicure lotion of your favourite smoothie recipe. It smells great, nourishes your skin and it is good enough to lick too. Blend a small banana, some strawberries, yogurt and orange juice together. Apply this mixture on cleansed hands. Rinse the mixture after it is dry. And say hello to soft skin.


8. Shaping Your Nails

Shaping and filing nails is one of the most important aspects of a manicure. Shape your nails when they are dry to get the best result. If you have chipped nails in some fingers, file others using the filer to give it an even look. File from the corner to the centre.

Use these home-made manicure tips to get youthful and refreshing hands at home.

Story first published: Sunday, October 18, 2015, 7:03 [IST]
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