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Cure Chapped Lips With Coconut Oil

Posted By: Anvi Mehta

Winter is arriving sooner this time. It is time to get prepared for it. Winter calls in for more attention to skin and hair. The dry cold air results in dehydrating the skin and scalp. The dried skin gives a bad look to the face and body. To avoid this one should always use a moisturizer and creams.

As our skin is sensitive to cold, our lips are twice more susceptible to cold. Lips do not have oil producing glands. Thus, they do not get any supply of oil or moisture during cold. Thus, lips need extra care than the rest of our body skin. Cold can make the lips go dry and chapped, giving them a bad look. Many moisturizers, lip balms and lip creams are available in the market that can be used for this purpose.

Cure Chapped Lips With Coconut Oil

There are many homemade remedies available for dry and chapped lips. There are certain natural moisturizers that can smoothen and rehydrate lips. Some such products are butter, olive oil, coconut oil, milk cream and so on. Out of these coconut oil is considered very well for chapped lips. The oil can reduce the dryness and can provide the necessary moisture to the lips. The coconut oil also forms a layer around the chapped and dried lips, thus protecting it from cold air. Coconut oil is easily available and is very cheap. So, everyone can coconut oil for treating their dried and chapped lips. Some ways in which one can use coconut oil to cure chapped lips are as given below:

Use regularly - Always carry a small bottle of coconut oil along with you in your purse or bag. Apply the oil at regular intervals of time. Take some oil at the tip of your finer and spread it evenly on your lips. This is the best way to cure chapped lips using coconut oil. Try it this winter to get best results.

Overnight treatment - Coconut oil has a particular smell and taste. If that makes you uncomfortable to use it all day or sue to some other reasons you are unable to use coconut oil regularly, there is another option available. Apply coconut oil on your lips before sleeping and keep it overnight. In the morning rinse your lips with water. But make it a point to use some other lip balm all through the day.

Coconut flavor balm - There are certain lip balms in market that has coconut oil extracts in it. These balms do not have the exact benefits of using coconut oil but are effective. These balms can be used regularly. Also try to buy a naturally made lip balm than a lip balm that has chemicals in it.

Solid oil - Coconut oil in its solid form can be used as a very effective and natural lip balm. It is pure coconut oil just in its condensed form. The only drawback is that solid form coconut oil is temperature sensitive. It would easily melt away in higher temperatures.

Oil Mixtures - Coconut oil with a mixture of olive oil or any other oils can also be used on the lips for providing moisture. The proportionate mixture of oils can be used either regularly or overnight. It depends on the user. The mixture is effective and provides more protection to lips from the dry winter breeze.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 6:03 [IST]
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