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Clean Armpits For Men To Ward Off Odour


Have you come across an incident where you are standing with great difficulty in a crowded bus on a summer's day? Yes, most of us have been in this situation. But the worst of it all, is standing in a crowded bus with a few of them who have smelly armpits. Not a sense of smell you would want to get during any time of the day, right?

When tables turn - Whether the room is hot or not or you have just finished your workout session. You might innocently raise your arm and would have almost knocked yourself out by the odour from your own armpits. Then can you imagine those around you!

Men believe that shaving or waxing the armpit hair is only meant for the feminine category, well think again because men sweat more than women. Above all, anyone would be turned off with the sight of armpit hair and sweat. Therefore, here are some tips for men to clean their armpits and avoid sweat.

  • The most basic body care is having a bath daily. There are some men who forget to rinse those smelly toes and wash the sweat off their underarms. This is unhygienic and could cause body odour.
  • Make sure you change your shirt on a daily basis. Some men are involved with manual work at their work station. This results to excessive sweating. Clean shirts can save you the embarrassment of smelly armpits.
  • For clean armpits, men should use natural or homemade soap to get rid of body odour. Antibacterial soap can also help, provided you are not allergic to special body products.
  • The Witch hazel antiperspirant for smelly and clean armpits is yet another remedy. The antiperspirant is available at medical stores. With the help of cotton balls, swab the armpits gently with the antiperspirant after bath everyday to avoid sweat.
  • To get clean armpits, hair removal is important for men, especially during the summer season. Shaving or waxing are common hair removal methods that men can try. Note- Since the hair growth is thick, shave the hair first and then wax. This will remove the ingrown hair as well.
  • These are some of the basic body care requirements for men. Clean armpits is essential as no one enjoys the smell of your sweat.

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