Types Of Nail Manicure You Must Try

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Nail manicure is not only done to display the latest in fashionable nail art. It is also very healthy for your hands and nails. It helps remove ingrowth on the cuticles and ingrown nails. It also helps you keep your nails clean. There are many types of manicures that help you keep your hands in fine condition. You can try all of the nail manicures at certain intervals of time. It is considered good to go for a manicure every 2 months.

Here are some of the types of manicure that are both popular and best for your nails.


French Manicure: This nail manicure is very popular type of manicure. It is a standard manicure that will work for any occasion. A French manicure will make your nails pearly white. You can choose a rounded or square shape for your nails. It gives your hands a very sophisticated look and is good for professionals.

Paraffin Wax Manicure: This manicure is done with the sole purpose of cleaning your hand and nails. There is no nail art involved in this manicure. Hot molten wax is applied on the hand and nails. Then it is peeled off to leave your skin soft, clean and supple. Your nails lose the plaque like yellowish coating after a paraffin wax manicure.

Brazilian Manicure: The best part about a nail manicure of this type is that it uses no harsh chemicals. A specially designed glove is used to clean and strengthen your nails. Usually scrapping nails makes them brittle . But a Brazilian manicure boosts the strength of your nail preventing them from breaking.

Hot Stone Manicure: This manicure is not solely for cosmetic purposes. The heat and pressure from the hot stones actually helps in relaxing tight muscles. This ill give your hands a very natural glow and also relieve pain in the knuckles or palms. This manicure has little or no nail art in it.

Shellac Gel Manicure: There are many types of gel manicures that are in vogue these days. The most expensive and the obvious leader is shellac gel manicure. Shellac is the enamel that makes the nails strong. It is also called hybrid manicure. The gel used in this manicure is boosted with shellac that strengthens the nails and also whitens them.

There are many other nail manicures like sea salt manicure, aromatherapy manicure etc. That are common and advantages. Which one of these is the patent manicure that you like to go for?

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