Recipes For Natural Body Hair Removal

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Natural Hair Removal
Waxing is a nightmare for most women and that is keeping aside its harmful effects on the skin. You are actually pouring hot paraffin wax on your skin and then scraping it up for body hair removal. Its it so much better to use time tested natural hair removal techniques? How did women get rid of body hair when there were no hair removal creams or salons for waxing. They did it with 100% natural home remedies for hair removal or 'ubtans' (as they are called in India) the recipes for which still exist.

Here are some of the best recipes for natural hair removal from household ingredients.

Recipes For Natural Hair Removal:

1. Sugar And Lemon Juice: If you boil equal amounts of sugar and lemon juice for about 4-5 minutes then it turns into a sticky mixture. This mixture is just like any other wax available in the market. But it has an added advantage; it is totally natural with no chemicals like paraffin wax. Thus it does not damage the skin at all during body hair removal. Apply it on your body in a thick layer and pull out hair with waxing strips.

2. Sugaring With Cane Juice: Another recipe for 'sugaring' for hair removal is to boil 4 portion sugarcane juice with 2 portions of lemon juice in it. Add honey and cornflour to it and apply on the body. Pull out hair in the same way.

3. Gram And Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti): This is a ubtan for natural hair removal that is very popular for children and if you are lucky it will work on adults too. Make a mixture of gram powder or gram flour, multanni mitti (fuller's earth), milk powder (dairy whitener) and lemon juice. Most of the constituents are solid so you can roll it into a ball. Rub this ball over the hairy parts of your body forcefully for body hair removal.

4. Honey And Rice Powder: Another effective natural recipe to get rid of unwanted body hair. Mix honey and gram flour (besan) into a smooth paste. Then add powdered rice to it and whisk, Honey will give it the essential stickiness for a waxing agent and rice powder will give it the coarse texture. Leave it for 10 minutes. Rub it out of your skin using some force and then apply rosewater to heal skin irritations if any.

5. Flour and Olive Oil: Knead a dough with flour and soak it with olive oil. Roll a ball out of it and rub it slowly on the target area; it will hurt. You are not supposed to apply and leave it for some time; the pain will be excruciating then. Try this only on fine and soft hair like facial hair because on legs and arms its too painful.

Use these beauty tips for women to do natural hair removal at home.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 15:15 [IST]
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