Do You Have A Dark Butt? - Whitening Remedies

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Dark Butt
After a painful wax you realise that the skin colour of your buttocks is not matching your pelvic and pubic skin. These shapeless dark butt will turn off any man even if you have waxed your body well. One of the ways to get an even skin tone is by sunbathing. That's what most women and men do but these home remedies will also help. Take a look at the whitening remedies to get rid of dark butt and also more on buttocks care.

Dark Butt Whitening Remedies

There may be many reasons to the darkening of the buttocks such as fungal infection, aging, pigmentation (melanin), etc. Waxing to an extent can remove the tan but it also burns skin and cause irritation. Seeking a medical advice is good as the doctor can prescribe the right medicine. Some natural whitening remedies we have can also cure.

1. Soak cotton in concentrated lemon juice and cleanse the dark area. Following this tip everyday will gradually bleach the skin.

2. Adding a few drops hydrogen peroxide liquid and leaving it for a few minutes (until dry) will act like an oxy bleach making the skin brighter and clearer.

3. Rubbing a paste of orange peel paste and cream will not only bring glow to skin but also soften the black buttocks.

4. Massaging the dark butt with vitamin E oil mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric can stretch the skin, bleach it naturally and add glow.

5. Apple cider vinegar, the magic potion can also make wonders on dark butt. Adding a few drops of vinegar to the water used for bathing can gradually cure infection and prevent darkening.
Always wipe the toilet seats with camphor + water solution, this will prevent infection on your buttocks. Rinse undergarments in anti fungal solution such as savlon to prevent skin problems.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2011, 12:08 [IST]
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