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Wanna Get Rid Of Sweaty Pits? Take A Botox Shot

By Suparna Chakaraborthy
Avoiding going close to your boyfriend or husband in summer due to stinky and sweaty arm pits? Or are going to lock yourself in a room to stay away from your near ones? You might have been forced to adopt such behavior every summer and have been shelling out big bucks for a perfect deo. But this time just liberate yourself from this isolation and enjoy the company of those you love a lot, that too without any embarrassment.

In this hot season for those sweaty soaks, a simple yet an effective treatment called BOTOX brings respite from the embarrassment. "Come summer and suddenly we see an increase in men and women coming to us with this common problem. Normally a Botox dose given over a single sitting cures the problem for a year's time. However, the result of this treatment can vary according to the severity of the problem," said Dr Sanjay Parashar, Senior cosmetic Surgeon of Cocoona cosmetic centre , New Delhi.

He further adds, "(Botox injection is an office based procedure, which takes about 25 minutes for this problem, and is virtually painless. The injection targets the sweat glands which are responsible for sweating. Therefore in people who have a severe problem of sweating, Botox is specially recommended. It is highly effective and the result lasts almost 6 months. Additionally the treatment is not expensive. A large number of people like to get this treatment done, to avoid the problems of heavy sweating)".

"Hyperhidrosis" is a severe sweating problem that heightens during hot summer days can bring forth uncontrollable perspiration in the hands, face, underarms, and forehead that are often accompanied by a foul odor that further heightens the level of discomfort experienced. Worse still are for those with Axillary hyperhidrosis, which generally refers to the type of excessive sweating that occurs in the underarm area.

Though surgical procedures are there, a simple Botox shot is all you'll need now to get rid of your perspiring pits of shame. After performing a harmless and painless starch test to locate the sweat glands, the treatment proceeds by injecting the person with small amounts of Botulinum Toxin into the skin of the underarms in approximately 12 to15 places on each underarm.

"Normal activities can soon be resumed, however heavy physical exercise should be avoided for several hours after injection," said Dr Parashar Elaborating on the same he further states that "though a little swelling may occur soon after the injection, the swelling is bound to settle to normalcy in a week's time. Though side effects other than slight swell barely occur, at times one in a lot, may experience side effects as itching, headache and slight pain over the neck region.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 12:35 [IST]