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Why Is It Necessary To Trim Split Ends?

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Do your hair ends snap off quickly? Does your hair break easily when you try to detangle your hair? If so, then you should pay a lot more attention to your hair. The dry, damaged strands at the tip of your hair are definitely a cry for help! Your hair is calling you for help as the damaged strands which are called split ends will damage your hair.

Split ends are brittle and rough hair and if not treated properly, your hair can split into 2, 3, 4 or even more than that and this, in turn, will reduce the length of your hair. Healthy hair requires attention, meaning it requires a proper hair care treatment, like trimming the split ends on a regular basis. Just like you trim your garden bushes to make it look beautiful, you should also trim your hair to make it look healthy and beautiful.

Today, in this article we will talk about why trimming is necessary so you will get an idea about how important is trimming your split ends. So here we go now:

Let's see why trimming split ends is important

1. Split Ends Never Stop:
Split ends can split into 2, 3 or more and they just don't stop. Split ends reduce the length of your hair and affect the growth of your hair. They can actually stop the growth of your hair. So, make sure you trim them and make your hair look healthy and beautiful.

2. Hampers The Shine:
Split ends will make your hair look dull and lifeless and no amount of hair treatments and spas will make it look good. It will still look dull and lifeless. Split ends make your hair brittle and this will make your hair look ugly. So, trimming your split ends will save you a lot on hair care routine because your hair will automatically look healthy.

3. Uneven Pigmentation:
Your natural hair colour and the colour of your split ends do not look the same. If you've noticed, the colour of your split ends are usually lighter than your natural hair colour. Not only lighter in colour but they are sometimes uneven. This will completely ruin the look of your hair. So, once you trim those split ends, you will see a huge difference in an instant. Your hair will look healthy and nice.

Hair Care Myths:
• You might have heard people saying that hair care treatment can repair split ends. Well, that's a negative there. It's impossible to treat split ends with any kind of hair treatments. The only way you can get rid of them is to trim them on a regular basis. The sooner you trim your split ends, the better it is for your hair health.

• "Your hair will grow faster if you trim your hair." Well, you might have heard that at one point in your life, right? Well, it's not true at all. Trimming your hair will not make your hair grow faster. Hair growth starts at the hair follicle in the scalp and not at the tip of the hair. But split ends do make your hair dry and brittle and affect the health of your hair, so regular trimming will help give life back to your hair and make it look healthy.

Various Ways To Prevent Split Ends

• A well-moisturized hair is a sign of no split ends. Make sure you moisturize your hair regularly. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, etc. These oils will help lock the moisture of your hair and prevent them from splitting.
• After you shampoo your hair, always use a conditioner. This is because if you only use shampoo, then it will dry out your hair, but if you use conditioners, then your hair will become smooth and soft. This is because conditioners contain natural oils that's good for the health of the hair.
• Make a bun or a light ponytail. This way you'll be able to prevent split ends.
• Avoid regular hair treatment and styling as that can damage your hair. For example, do not brush your hair forcefully as this will break your hair strands. Do not use a lot of chemicals on your hair, styling irons, curling irons, blow dryers, etc. These will damage your hair over time and cause split ends.
• You can add healthy fats in your diet (olive oil and avocado). These will help improve the health of your hair and also strengthen the strands.
• Research has shown that if you overuse anti-dandruff shampoo, then it'll cause split ends. This is because anti-dandruff shampoos contain a compound called ketoconazole that dry out hair and thus lead to split ends.

Hope you all find this article helpful. So, ladies, trim off those split ends and keep your hair healthy!

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