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What Is Nail Art Dotting & Basic Tools To Help You Master The Art

Nail art has been all the rage for the last few years. It adds glamour to the entire appearance and looks gorgeous. And, with new techniques and designs, nail art’s popularity is at an all-time high.

Almost all the women have explored the growing trend of nail art and if you’re yet to try it out, then do read on as today we’re letting you know about an amazing nail art design that you can easily try at home.

What Is Nail Art?

Nail art is a way in which designs are created with nail paints to make the nails appear eye-catching and pretty. Nail art can make fingernails and toenails look like a canvas. The decorative art can add glamour and flair to your everyday style.

You can get nail art done at salons or with simple techniques and basic tools creating interesting nail art designs at home. While there are many different types of designs that have become quite famous in the last few years, nail art dotting continues to be a favourite. It looks elegant, classy and can take your beauty quotient by notches.

What Is Nail Art Dotting?

Nail art dotting is one of the trendiest nail designs that looks eye-catching and pretty. This type of fancy nail design is all the rage nowadays and more and more people are trying it out.

You can try different colour combinations and either get an elegant look or go for something funky by using bold and bright colours. The dots in this design can be a bit tricky to draw. That is why a lot of women prefer going to the salon for this nail art design.

However, with the help of certain basic tools, you can easily master nail art dotting at home. Here are some of the easily available tools that can help you draw perfect dots and take your nail game to a completely new level.

Tools To Master Nail Art Dotting:

1. Using Hair Pins

Hairpins are perhaps the most easily available tool that can help you master nail art dotting in no time. Beginners and nail art enthusiasts, all are big fans of hairpins as they are extremely easy to use. You just have to dip the end of a hairpin into the paint and use it to create dots. Give it a try to create gorgeous nail art.

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2. Paint Brushes

Paint brushes can also be used as a tool to customize attractive nail art dotting design without any hassle. With paint brushes, you can easily make big or even tiny dots. Clean the brushes and reuse for different paints. This basic tool can take your nail art game to a completely new level.

3. Ball Pen

Instead of reaching out for pricey tools, make use of a ball pen to add dots to your nail art. With ball pens, you can effortlessly make small and clean dots. So, the next time when you’re trying out a dotting design, just make use of this basic tool to get great results.

4. Match Sticks

With match sticks, you can draw different types of dots. Make use of both the ends of match sticks to draw different-shaped dots. Get creative with your nail art design and use these incredibly useful tools to get desired results.

5. Safety Pins

Safety pins can be easily found in all households. They too can be used as nail art dotting tools. Dip the pointed end into nail paints and use it to draw a clean and well-shaped dot. Easy and cheap, safety pins are some of the best tools you can use to master nail art.

6. Tooth Pick

Tooth picks are often used for creating funky and trendy nail art. While they can be used for drawing different things, they are best suited for nail art dotting as they can create clean and perfect dots. Use these multipurpose items to master nail art dotting.

7. Needles

Lastly, needles can also be used for creating pretty nail designs, especially the ones that involve dotting. Needles are true favourite nail art dotting tools of beginners as well as nail art experts.

So, give your nails a classy look by using any of these basic tools.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 15, 2018, 11:35 [IST]
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