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    Razor Bumps On Legs After Shaving? Here's How To Get Rid Of Them

    A lot of women use razors to shave the hair from the legs. Shaving is far more common than waxing as it is convenient and less expensive. Though this hair-removal method can help you get clean and clear-looking legs in no time, it can also cause red bumps to appear on the skin. These bumps are popularly referred to as razor bumps.

    The presence of these bumps can make your skin look irritated and troubled. And, turning a blind eye to them can only further worsen the condition.

    How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps On Legs

    If you too shave your legs on a regular basis and would like to know about the ways in which you can get rid of the razor bumps, then do read on.

    What Causes Razor Bumps?

    After shaving, at times few hair strands bend and grow back into the skin. This causes a red-coloured bump to appear on the skin's surface. Hair can grow inwards either because of clogged-up hair follicles in the skin or because of bad shaving habits.

    How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps On Legs After Shaving?

    1. Avoid picking

    Avoid picking at the razor bumps as it can further exacerbate the condition. Touching or picking the bumps can irritate the skin even more and increase the inflammation and redness. So, make sure that you do not touch or pop the bumps as it can lead to a lot of discomforts and cause the bumps to look worse.

    2. Old razors don't work

    Old razors are known to harbour bacteria that can cause a great deal of harm to the skin and lead to various annoying conditions like razor bumps, ingrown hair, allergy, etc. That is why it is crucial to throw away the old razors. Make it a habit to get rid of the old razors from time to time to get best results when shaving without causing any harm to the skin.

    3. Crushed aspirin is the key

    Crushed aspirin mixed with water is the key to fighting off terrible razor bumps as aspirin contains salicylic acid, a compound that can treat inflammation and soothe irritated skin. Just crush an aspirin and mix with distilled water. Apply the paste to the affected area and allow it to dry for 5 minutes. Rinse off the residue with normal water. Repeat this twice a day for effective results.

    4. Green tea compress does work

    Green tea compress has the ability to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. This traditional method can give you relief from the razor bumps and also make them go away. Dip two green tea bags in a bowl of hot water. Remove the tea bags once the infusion cools off. Soak a clean cloth in the infusion and wring it. Place the cloth on your leg. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes. Repeat this method multiple times a day to get rid of the razor bumps on legs.

    5. Aloe vera is always the best

    The versatile gel of aloe vera plant can also be used for removing razor bumps. The soothing and calming ability of this gel comes in handy for treating annoying bumps caused by shaving. Just scoop out aloe vera gel and slather all over the affected area. Leave it there for an hour before rinsing with normal water. Use this method 3-4 times a day to get rid of razor bumps.

    6. Apply mild heat

    Mild heat can effectively reduce inflammation and make the bumps caused by shaving go away. To carry out the process you will have to soak a clean cloth in hot water. Wring the excess water from the cloth and place it on the affected area. Allow the cloth to stay there for a good 5-10 minutes before repeating the process. Try this at-home method at least twice a day for visible results.

    7. Shaving every day is not good

    Shaving every day is perhaps one of the most common skin sins that most women end up committing. This habit can not only worsen the razor bumps problem but also cause ingrown hair. After some time, this habit can also have a negative impact on the texture of the skin. It can make the skin on your legs look rough.

    8. Cold water rinse is the best

    It has been found that rinsing the skin with cold water after shaving with a razor can make a world of difference to the state of the skin. Cold water possesses the ability to shrink pores and make existing razor bumps go away as well as prevent the new ones from forming. So, use cold water rinse to get rid of razor bumps for good.

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